[Jul 13, 2012] Caribbean Video X Games (Sint Maarten Sonesta Great Bay Beach Resort)

As the only organization in the Caribbean to bring together all the best video game players in the region to compete against one another, the Video X-Games has made its name in the local and regional gaming community as the most highly anticipated annual video gaming event since its inception in 2002.

The last edition of Video X Games was held in 2006, which attracted a record 250 participants, with over 50 of those from abroad. Over $8.000 in prizes were given away at this 3 day event in July of 2006, and is still regarded in gaming circles across the Caribbean as one of the most successful Video Game competitions the region has ever experienced. Due to most of the organizers moving abroad to further their studies and professional aspirations in 2006, the Video X Games has not been held since.

In 2011, the original organizers have completed their college degrees and progressed into their professional careers, and thus with a renewed determination, understanding and professionalism towards organizing a world class gaming event and technological expo such as Video X Games, they have returned to organize the next Video X Games. With a booming international gaming industry that has also trickled into our local waters, and new media to which Electronic Sports (E-Sports) can be broadcasted online, we are planning to come back in full force with our 2012 edition of the Video X-Games to be held from July 13 to 15, 2012.
Seeing that the demand for such a competition is high and with turnout each time exceeding previous years, we plan on making this one of the biggest events we have ever organized thus far. Players will have the opportunity to prove that they are skilful at this competition in various popular video games and will be competing against their peers for bragging rights, medals and of course, cash prizes.

This three day-event will not only target video game players and spectators from Sint Maarten but also from around the Caribbean region with a large gaming community. To this day, the last Video X Games in 2006 has been the biggest international gaming competition in the Caribbean, attracting over 50 gamers from countries such as Trinidad & Tobago, Jamaica, Barbados, Puerto Rico and Canada, just to name a few. Gamers from other islands are happy to come to St. Maarten for the competition due to the overall attractiveness of the island, with our island being the 2nd most popular intra-caribbean tourist destination only behind Puerto Rico. Therefore, the winners will be considered the ‘Best of the Best’ in the Caribbean region.
In order to attract a large number of participants and also a large number of viewers at the event as well as spectating by our various media ventures, we have budgeted a larger prize pool than previous years, which is in line with the understanding that many gamers thirst for the opportunity to showcase their skills to the region and the world. We are aiming for minimum prizes of $1000.00 for each 1st place Winner, $400.00 for second place.

Since the Video X Games aims to spread the word about gaming in the Caribbean not only throughout the region but also to the world, we have sought ways to improve the exposure. By far the biggest step that Video X Games has taken in increasing exposure will be the partnership with Twitch.tv®, the world’s largest Video Games broadcasting channel. This partnership means that Video X Games, and all events leading up to the major event in July, will be broadcasted live on Twitch.TV®, potentially reaching hundreds of thousands of viewers (of the 10’s of millions that watch Twitch.TV® every day) around the world, and tens of thousands in our region. In addition to this, other media outlets include the Video X Games website, Facebook fanpage, Twitter page, as well as live coverage on local radio for the event and local TV stations channel 15 and WTN cable.

The Video x Games website is set to release on Feburary 1st 2011, but you can already check out the Video X Games fan page on Facebook.com, just look for Caribbean Video X Games. We will be giving out prizes periodically exclusively to subscribers of our fan page! So make sure go and like the page and subscribe so that you can stay up to date and have a chance at great prizes. Last but not least, go to the Facebook page to vote for the games you want to see at Video X Games 2012.