[Jul 13, 2012] Rautanyrkki (13-15th July 2012 - Helsinki, Finland) (00500 Helsinki)


Hi everyone! The biggest Finnish fighting game event, Rautanyrkki, will be held in Helsinki this time. The time of retribution is 13-15th of July 2012!


When**:** 13-15.7.2012
Event begins on Friday at 16:00 and ends on Sunday at 16:00.

Where: Youth center Happi (Sörnäisten rantatie 31, 00500 Helsinki) - http://g.co/maps/en6mc

Entry fee: 25 € (It entitles you to participate in every tournament)

Home page: http://rautanyrkki.ptpry.fi

Official tournament games (cash and other prizes)

Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code
BlazBlue Continuum Shift Extend
Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3
SoulCalibur V
Tekken 6
Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition

Unofficial tournaments held at the event

Guilty gear
Streetfighter X Tekken


Theres an Omenahotelli 4 kilometers from the event area, the rooms are for 4 people and cost around 120€ for the whole weekend

Heres a link for the website of the hotel


Any questions can be mailed to ptp.palaute@gmail for a dirrect contact to the organiser