[Jul 15, 2011] BBQ, SSF4 AE, MvC3 casuals/tournament Part 2 (Freeport ny)

BBQ/SSF4AE/MVC3 tournament

Date-july 15th 2011

Location-Freeport longisland ny

Xbox 360
12pm Casuals
230pm grill starts
5pm MVC3 tourney
8pm SSF4 tourney

10-food for the day(this covers entree fee as well)
10-unlimited keg(optional)
15 for both
(Person thats brings 2 ppl get unlimited food nd keg for 7)

10-SSF4 AE
5- MVC3

70/20/10 split(16 or more)
Otherwise 70/30 split

BYOC-Bring your own joystick

Our last turnout was great…i would like to see more ppl…
Some jersey players should be in attendance

Any questions 5162557081 cap (capcoms cps3)


Bump!! You know I’m coming to this!!