[Jul 15, 2011] Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition Tournament (Baltimore MD)

Hey everyone N Code is a video game night at Club Orpheus in Baltimore MD which has been running for over a year however the last two months have been run by myself and now officially I have taken over the event fully from here on. This month we will be running a SSF4 AE tournament on xbox 360 and hopefully also PS 3 to enter you must come to the club of course its $7 to get into the club and $5 to enter the tournament where it is winner takes all. Of course we will have controllers but if you prefer Arcade stick be sure to bring it with you. The event will also be celebrating the release of Alice the Madness Returns which will also be available to play upstairs. While this event has been given to me with short notice I still plan on it being a awesome. Next month will be another tournament and game night but with a lot more flare hopefully. Cosplay is encouraged and all women get in free before 10 pm.

Go here for more information

I just wanted to confirm that we will have the playstation 3 and 360 versions of SSF IV AE so we will be running not one but two tournaments.

So two entry fees right?

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It is one to get into the club which is something I really can’t help and then 5 bucks to enter the tournament and if you wanted to you could enter both tournaments. Just wanted to remind everyone that it is tomorrow night for those who want to come out and have a great time and kick some a** in SSF IV AE!!!

Tonight is the night for anyone interested.