[Jul 16, 2011] CIVIL WAR 3! A Mid Atlantic Regional Event! (Richmond, VA)

Hey everyone, it’s time again for Viriginia’s largest tournament: Civil War.

We’re back this year at strange matter and the the competition is looking fierce.

Can East coast’s best come down and win against VA’s own Moose and RyRy in Marvel 3?

How will the top players adapt to the new balance of Arcade Edition?

Who’s looking to be the top EC reps for EVO?
Will Only one way to find out!

Strange Matter:
929 W Grace St
Richmond VA

Strange Matter is a restaurant, venue, and arcade. Arcade games at the venue include CvS2, 3S, MvC2, ST, UMK3, Puzzle FIghter, AVP, golden axe, tapper, and more. Many games will be set on free play during the tournament and side tourneys for the games are welcome.

Main Events:
Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition 10$
Marvel vs Capcom 3 10$
Mortal Kombat 9 10$

side events:
Tekken 6: 5$
BBCS2: 5$

There is a registration fee of 5$. This fee goes to the maintenece and acquisition of the arcade. The machines will be on free play for this event. If you bring a full setup that is needed (game/monitor or TV/system) this fee will be waived.

Please preregister in the form of leaving your name, location, and games you’ll be participating in either the facebook page or the SRK link

gah, I already have plans for this weekend… missing out on another richmond tournament. oh well, hope you have a good turnout. hopefully I can make it out to the next one you guys have.

It would be awesome if we could get Team Spooky down here with NerdJosh,Min and Arturo. Maybe some Emp, Jersey guys or Philly. What’s it gonna take to get some heavy hitters down here Robin. Let’s get some volunteers to house people. I know Robin can probably stand a couple…I’m sure I can too. Robin maybe you should add a pot bonus if theres a certain amount of people who enter. Well see, if not this one, we need to organize a major way in advance with a hotel and sponsors. Who knows maybe Magneto Maniac will crawl out of his cave and show up. Nerdjosh we need to huddle and have some She-Hulk sessions.

Give props to DeRezz for directing me this way.

The 16th eh? Alright, I’ll start making plans and see if we can’t pop on down and smash some faces in. Prepare to shake in your boots east coast, for here comes the deadliest Hadoken Knock-Off ever~

Really looking forward to this tournament. Last one was hype and I’m sure this one will only be much better. Can’t wait to see what everybody brings to the table in AE, as well as MvC3. Gonna be practicing my ass off for this!

Yo Shinku, when you come down, we’re definitely money matching in Marvel dude. :tup:

Sounds like it’s gonna be hype, hope I’m still in the area then.

This needs to be hyped. :o

imma put some flyers at gamestop

I just moved to the Richmond area. I’ve been to Strange Matter to see Rattler, great place, had lots of fun.

I’ll be at this event for sure, but I was wondering if you guys hold casuals or anything else regularly or outside of the tournaments, such as Civil War? Or are there any other places within the Citay that do?

We usually meet on Tuesdays at Strange Matter for casuals around 6pm ish. Thursday at Cary St Cafe at 8pm ish (21+).

Join VCU Fight Club on facebook for continual updates and check out the Richmond thread in ATL North Matchmaking here on SRK.

I am going to try to make this one, I was going to come to the last tournament, but my car was totaled. So, and I needed to save money.

3s Side Tournament might happen if interest happens.

Is the cab still there robin? I mean shooo I could run it! :smiley:

What systems are the games going to be run on?

Most of the time, we simply don’t have enough setups of one particular system in order to fully run all Xbox or all PS3. So what happens is that’s usually a mish mash with one system being selected as the “default” in case of controller issues.

MK9 will be entirely on PS3 due to patch issues.
Tekken6 will be entirely on PS3 due to community preference.
BBCS2 Will be on Xbox360

MvC3 and SSFIV AE will probably be run on both consoles, with 360 as the “default” console.

If you can, I would recommend having a dual mod stick or be prepared to play on either system. Gummo will be there doing mods for 80$.

Man I need to train up for this because I am ass at all fighting games. I will make the tourney this time around.

Can’t wait for this. If you need any help in running some of the games, let me know.

Do you guys still need setups? I can bring down an Xbox and a TV for MvC3, AE, and MK9.

We will forever need setups.

I plan on showing, and I’ll be bringing that Steve H with me.

Steverine!! Hype!

To everyone, please RSVP here or on facebook to help me out on the preperation!