[Jul 16, 2011] Madison SC4 Tourney #57 (GALVANATOR) 7/16/11 (Madison, WI)

OK, guys, we gotta make sure we help Mateo-chan as much as possible with training. He’s going to evo this year, so let’s cheer him on. Those of you who would like to help him train, come earlier than normal. We’re gonna have intense casuals, primarily in Tekken, but SC4 players welcome to help train him as well, or should I say, he will train you.

12:30pm-training starts
3:00pm- normal casuals among other players and signups
5:00pm-Tekken 6 $3.00, Double Elimination, 70-20-10
7:00pm-SC4 $1.00, Double Elimination, 70-20-10
8:30pm-MvC3 $3.00, Double Elimination, 70-20-10
9:00pm-Pokemon $1.00, Single Elimination, no uebers, winner takes all, MUHAHAHAHA
9:30pm-SSF4AE FREE, Double Elimination

We need setups and pS3’s. I’d like to have 4 total stations, if possible, one being primarily dedicated to Tekken to help Mateo-chan out. Please don’t be cheap-asses, enter all our tourneys…:stuck_out_tongue: If there are only 3ppl or less for T6, SC4, MvC3, or SSF4AE, then that tourney will be cancelled or it will be just a free entry tourney.

This saturday?
I don’t have a ps3, but I’ll come play SSF4AE and possibly MvC3 if they’re run on ps3 so I can use my ps2 stick with a converter.
I’d love to get casuals in in 3s/older games if anyone is interested, I can bring a modded ps2 with 3s/ST/Alpha Anthology/CvS2/Kof2k2UM/Melty Blood/etc

Hellbent - Spread the love on the older stuff. 3S needs that revival.

What’s good? Even though we’ve never met I think you’re Mike’s friend? (Aegis Neglector)? Dudley, right? We played online once I think
Yeah I’m not a big fan of marvel/SSF4, I played SF4 when it was new then quit but have still been playing 3s the whole time. Trying to get back in the scene and actually do tournaments since I have a car now :wink:

edit: I cant remember if you’re Mike’s friend from Champaign or if you’re the Twelve from Iowa…sorry if I’m wrong

I’m gonna be out of town this weekend unfortunately. Hopefully I’ll be at the next one.

I’m the bad Twelve from Iowa…though that sentence probably qualifies as a double-negative. :stuck_out_tongue: Wish I was Aegis’ friend, though. Cool dude. Met him a couple times.

I’ll try and hit up the next one, because I miss you Madison kids. I’d go to this one if I wasn’t going to be in Cedar Rapids getting ruled there.

SOMEONE POST RESULTS please in the tourney results forum!!!