[Jul 16, 2011] SSF4AE Tournament at Next-Level Games (Springfield, MO)

Reposting this info from the Springfield, MO thread:

So here is the official info:

SSF4 Arcade Edition PS3 Tournament
Saturday July 16th - 1:00 PM @ Next-Level Games
Entry: $10 due at registration, players can pre-register before the day of the event or registration will open at Noon the day of the event.
Prize: Minimum $80 prize, more based on turn-out

-For the record, your $10 registration fee is for “free-play” throughout the day. You are not paying for the tournament itself, just the use of my facilities and equipment. We will have other games playing in the store that you are able to play as well.-

Email me at thenextlevelmo@yahoo.com with any other questions.

Pre-registering can be done in-store or via e-mail. Here is the address for the location:

Next Level Games
1914 S Glenstone
Springfield, MO 65804

Just a reminder that July 8th is the last day for registration. Send an e-mail or come by the store if you wish to get signed up!

One more day for registration! Get out here, get hype, and GET SOME FIGHT MONEY!

UPDATE: Pre-reg requirement has been scrapped, players are now free to register anytime before the event or you can show up the day of the event and register then, provided you arrive before the event begins at 1PM.

One more week to go, GET READY!

Just 3 days to go!

I’m in there. Let’s go Springfield!

I’ll be repping dat Bushinryu all day. Bring it, Springfield.

jump kicks through barrels on the way out