[Jul 16th]SOS Gamers Presents "Fight for a Cause! (New York, NY)

1st - TS Sabin
2nd - Adnan(got it)
3rd - Chris G/ ScrubMastaK (long story)
5th - ChocoLemon
5th - MannyO
7th - MarcS
7th - MarkR
9th - EMP RoyalLance
9th - CapaomHero
9th - DisaKnight
9th - Kenny
13th - Jason

1st - EMP SmoothViper
2nd - EMP EvilRahsaan
3rd - MegaManSteve
4th - ChrisG
5th - flux
5th - Cody
7th - Darko
7th - Phonor
9th - MannyO
9th - JimmyP
9th - Steve J
9th - MikeU
13th - MarcS

On behave of SOS Gamers we like to thank everyone for coming and playing. We will be doing this again next month and hopefully be doing bigger and better things. So check us out on facebook to see when the next SOS i’ll also post here as well. Also good shit to EMP and Art for getting in there. Laters.

Where are the rest of the results?

I have something to say about this tourney, why in the main thread it was stated 70,20,10 payout and you only paid out the winner. I’m sorry but this is false advertisement and there were 18 players for sf4?

Sorry bout the hold up i’ve been busy with life. adnan to answer your questions 1st there was 13 ppl for SSF4 and because of that it was winner take all and not 70 20 10. i even said during the event if we don’t get 16ppl for the tourney that it be winner take all. also i’m postin the results now.