[Jul 17, 2011] Game Underground Tournament 7-16-11 ae mvc3, mk9! (Framingham, MA)

1pm Signups/Warmups
3pm Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition $10
4pm Mortal Kombat $10
6pm Marvel vs Capcom 3 $10
All Tournaments are Double Elimination!
$5 Venue Fee Covers ALL TOURNAMENTS!

great cant wait

Should be awesome! I can’t wait for Mortal Kombat!

Count me in.

Dan, on the calendar this tournament is on a sunday (the 17th)… you should change the date to be correct.

Also, feel free to add “http://justin.tv/asiantom” to the **[FONT=Trebuchet MS]Stream URL: **link that is available when you’re filling in the information. It makes it really obvious for randoms to find the stream, rather than them reading through the thread.[/FONT]

so it will be saturday the 16th then?

Sunday would actually be better for me. If you could keep the date that would be great!

GU is planning to have it on the 16th though, not the 17th. Dan just marked it up wrong.

also saturday would be much better for just about everyone else

Definitely in there. Let’s get ready for Evo!

Dan, I know you’re capable of posting tournaments properly…haha.

I’ll come Saturday r Sunday doesn’t matter to me.

Dan, give me your SRK login!

is this on saturday or sunday? if its sunday i can make it if not gonna have to wait untill souper bowl

Dan I am pretty sure you can change the date by putting the cursor over the title in editing. Mr. Sleeps it’s on the 16th

Yo Saturdayyy! It’s coming up.

o shit, i can make it for marvel and ae now! i thought marvel was starting at 1pm for some reason, w/e. cool

Gonna try for the trifecta, probably just be donating in all of them but whatever! Are they all gonna be on 360?

If it’s like their last tournament, all of the games will be on 360 except for Mortal Kombat, which will be on PS3.

i’ll do some commentating if it’s set up guys. would it be possible to move the commentating station further away from the players? cuz i hate talking about the match when I’m 3 feet from the player’s ears.