[Jul 17, 2011] Gaming ETC AE/MK9/MVC3 (Stratford , CT)

Another round of tournaments at Gaming ETC guys, hope to see everyone who has been coming so far and new people

Games Being Played (all on xbox 360)

Mortal Kombat 9
Marvel vs Capcom 3

$5 venue fee
$10 per game


Gaming ETC
Stratford CT 06615

The venue opens at 10 am which means you can get in casuals from this time, tournaments start at 1pm. So we can ensure we do end at 6 pm please be on time and courteous to staff running the tournaments :slight_smile:


So post if you plan on coming by or have any questions :slight_smile:

This is a tournament…


Will street fighter be played on 360 or ps3??

Is this a tournament?
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all games are on xbox 360, eventho I am tentative on mk9 due to a patching issue and offline play


Should be a good time people

mk9 will be on 360 seems the latest patch works offline as well

Is there going to be a good amount of people there?? Cuz looking at the comments makes it seem like not too many people are going to show up.

Last Sunday 22 people showed up just for casuals, we talk it about more in the CT Thread than we do here oddly : /

ill be there

I’ll probably be coming out to this one.

in there

In there. got to defend my title.

There we go thats more like it


Probably coming with a setup

Also to the person that left their copy of SSF4 at the last tournament I bring it every Tourney/Casual Gathering but noone claims it

I think I’m going.