[Jul 17, 2011] Gaming ETC AE/MK9/MVC3 (Stratford , CT)

What is the full address to the venue?

All I see is the town with the zipcode

its 555 lordship blvd

Tom you dont see the google maps plug in above with the address? Its also placed again next to it as well

Nope my cell phone is being a bitch and won’t load everything on the page.

O I thought it showed on the mobile version

Im kinda new here… This a weekly thing?

casuals are every week but tournaments are not

I think I’m in there. I really hope MK will be on PS3, though. I’d even be willing to bring an extra stick to help out those who might not be prepared for that.

may not go. like, experience in tournaments is cool and all, but ima just be a potmonster if i enter the tourny. i dont even have an xbox system & between switching chars… sooo i’m always one to say that there should always be one TV open for casuals so that people can really level up. i just wanna go to chill and seriously learn some matchups with my new main. sorry but am i the only one who wants to get casuals in when a tournament is running for hours and ur knocked out (gonna get called out for this, lol)? i just dont like bringing people and myself who wanna go if there aint at least one casual setup, even if it’s a little laggy.

so i’ll bring some ct ppl down if you guys got at least one casual setup that’s not laggy. no offense intended.

much love for hosting/props to venue and organizers for reppin the CT scene/shoutouts to those driving from outa state

every person from CT that posts, posts in this thread. go here and chat/talk to meet up with people and go to weekly events.


Mayu ill set something up

hehe yea I actually play MK9 on PS3 pad so I won’t be used to a stick or 360 pad for MK so probably just gonna play marvel

If Garret happens to show up he has the only converter that i know of the i works for ps2 -> xbox 360.

it’s all good, I havn’t really played MK in a few weeks anyway (waiting for Rain dlc hehe). I’d probably be very rusty and I only know one character Shang Tsung semi well so it’s not a big deal. I’ve been practicing marvel mostly so it’s what I’m gonna stick with. (I play that on stick of course though) Want to see if someone can take out my new team today!

Yo bacardi I need ur number bro send it to me thru here i guess!! in a pm

Will I pmmd you my number

just call me at if you need something people

me and quotes are on our way.
im gonna pm my number to you bacardi. call me or text me because i need your number D:
nvm i see it.

There has been a setup running for casuals running the whole time and you didnt come…

Sho couldn’t go and Blackout didn’t text me, and two other people didn’t respond. 1hr 30 minute drive and back alone (3 hours or more) is a lot of gas money, plus the venue, when you have to pay for it alone.

That on top of, if i went I’d be spending money on an xbox I’m saving up for, to go to session would have cost more than planned (i have no job, and can hardly afford college). So with that I apologize and thank you for having the setups up. If I was able to access the Internet earlier I would have let you know of me and my would-be passenger’s circumstances. Wish I was there to level up.

Thank you, and I hope the convention ran smoothly.

Congrats to the winners and participants, this event was a sign of great things to come for the CT community. Thank you for the opportunity to let us stream and to those that helped with the commentary. Bacardi did a great job of running things as always. Here is the link to our archived stream from the event.


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