[Jul 17, 2011] VATR's "WE ARE RAGE" 7/17 - Fairfax, VA (NOVA) (Fairfax, VA)


updated as info/changes come

7/17/11: “WE ARE RAGE (W.A.R.)”

GMU’s KSA + VATR presents … WE ARE RAGE (W.A.R.)

Tekken 6 Singles and Team Tournament
SSFIV AE 1v1 Tournament

  • we have wanted to add a 2D game for a while now
  • we hope to have a successful SSFIV AE tournament this time!
  • we might need help with AE setups, so please contact me if you can

July 17th, 2011

George Mason University, Johnson Center, 3rd Floor Room A

12PM - Signups
1PM - 3v3 Tekken 6 Team Tournament (Semi-Random seeded) Starts
3PM - Tekken 6 1v1 Tournament Starts
3PM - SSFIV AE 1v1 Tournament Starts
Post - Casuals and more exhibition matches

*please note the times and the arrangements of times can change on the day of the tournament. so it is best you make it to GMU strictly by 12PM if you want to enter the team tournament. we WILL start Tekken team tournament at 1PM. If you are afraid of arriving early, you can always eat lunch at the food court on the first floor of the same building and get some tekken food in ya

George Mason University - Johnson Center (JC)- 3rd Floor, Room A
4400 University Drive, Fairfax, Virginia 22030 - Google Directions to Parking Lot

UPDATED PARKING LOT IMAGE - http://vatekkenrage.com/images/jc_ox_braddock_mod.jpg

Google Map to University

Tekken 6/SSFIV AE 1v1 Double Elimination (70/20/10)

  • Best 2/3 matches
  • Winners/Losers/Grand Final will be best 3/5

Team Tournament, Double Elimination (80/20/00)

  • First team to defeat all members of the other team (3 players) advances

Entry fee = $5 per person per tournament
Venue fee = $5 per person
Mason Student = $4 discount
Bring Full Setup = $5 discount (notify us first if you intend to bring a full setup)

  • Who’s bringing a full setup:
    ---- 1.
    ---- 2.

Scheduled Exhibitions:

Open Challenge:

-we are aiming to have 8-10 setups this time
-have 1-2 xbox setups
-VATR will order pizza and drinks
-Most matches will be recorded

For more questions please contact dangstro @ dangstro@vatekkenrage.com or tekkenplaya@gmail.com

Extra Links
-Rage Comics http://vatekkenrage.com/images/rage…EHITBUTTONS.jpg

visit www.vatekkenrage.com for more information



get hype as Lud aka LudThinks comes for AE!

http://vatekkenrage.com/war.html for continual updates

Who’s planning on coming for AE? I’m planning on having 2 setups for AE. I’m not expecting a big turnout for AE because this is mainly a tekken tournament but i wanna support the street fighter scene also. If anybody can help out by bringing a PS3 and monitor dedicated for AE please post up! Oh yea you don’t have to pay venue fee if you bring a setup…

SF players come and play

I have a few concerns that other gamers would ask if they knew the layout of GMU:

What is the max occupacity?
What are the hours for the food court?
How much is parking? Edit: There is free parking that is about a 1/2 mile away from the Johnson Center but in the garage you will have to pay. I believe it was $2 per hour up to $12 for the entire day. Correct me if I am wrong.
What time do we need to leave the venue?
Is there a spectator fee?
Will there be room for other games to be played during casuals?

Good luck with the tournament.

These are good questions.

If they knew the layout why would they ask?

oh yeah great questions indeed, what is max “occupacity”?
and if there were enough people to worry about hitting capacity the information would be provided, but that is not an issue

I did not know playing video games with people instead of in your room by yourself was such a massive task that the logistics needed to be immaculate.

I did not set that shit up, but I plan on going based entirely on the information listed above. What a roll of the dice
It mentions providing food…
Parking in the lot is free, and unless your terribly out of shape is a painless 2 minute walk

You have to be out at 9, but it would be over by that point so I don’t see the validity of the question.

yea, parking definitely is not .5 mile away

full details are http://vatekkenrage.com/war.html

there is a map that will guide you easily and a google map link for further assistance.

food court closes either 4-5pm opens before the start of the tournament

other info is on the link i provided, opens 10am closes 11pm

b1gazn, please don’t take anything the wrong way, I hope your questions were answered though. We only have the venue till 11pm, but realistically we are going to be kicking people out before 10pm so we can clean and pack up. I’m pretty sure nobody is going to want to stay late anyway since people will have work the next day.

I still don’t have a count on how many players are planning to come for AE. I am still for sure on only having 2 PS3 setups to run AE… I don’t think we will need more since it doesn’t seem like there will be a lot of players. We are fully aware that Richmond is having a big tournament the day before that will attract a lot of SF and Marvel players. All i have to say as of now this is looking pretty free for Eric Kim… OooOo so who’s coming now?

I was asking those questions because I know what to expect but the out of towners won’t.

The walk from Parking lot A isn’t half a mile but in 100 degrees it will feel like a mile long.

At University Mall, across the street from GMU, there are restaurants and a McDonalds. So if you don’t get to the food court before 5, yall can walk/drive across the street for some food.

BTW GMU cops are dicks so watch out.

Good luck with the event!

2 setups isn’t enough to run AE . Even if you only think you’re going to have a “handful” of people. If I can make it I’ll bring a setup. It depends on how late I get back from Richmond.

i want to learn SF legitimately so I hope some good players attend, I would love nothing more than to get us playing ALL fighting games on a semi consistent basis

xeleion - well you’re the only non tekken player that has posted in this thread showing at least a maybe on attending… So I really don’t know what to expect for the AE turnout… I know some tekken players will enter, including myself. I’ll be pretty pissed if a ton of people just show up without any heads up, but i doubt that. I will appreciate it a lot if you could bring a setup. Whether you can come or not thanks for trying to help out anyway!

and since SF vs TK is coming out it would be good to get some SF practice in.