[Jul 2, 2011] Arcade Legacy OSO 4 *Cincy, OH 7/2/11* MK9/MvC3/SSFIVAE/Mario Kart + (Cincinnati, OH)

OLD SCHOOL ONSLAUGHT is back for the fourth time at Arcade Legacy in Cincinnati, OH! Besides the classic OSO tournament, we will be having a couple other old school tournament games like MARIO KART (N64), SONIC 2 time attack (GENESIS) and BOMBERMAN (SNES). There’s almost always a few old school impromptu side games that happen as well. In addition, we will be having a few teams tournaments in the evening. Super Street Fighter IV AE 3v3. Mortal Kombat 2v2. Marvel vs Capcom 3 3v3.

If you are unfamiliar with how OSO is run, read on. Instead of essentially one big mystery game fighting tournament, each individual match is a different games as opposed to each round in a standard mystery tournament. That means you will see upwards of 50 different classic, horrible, hilarious and sometimes almost unplayable old school fighting games. I am constantly trying to obtain obscure fighting games, so there is always plenty of new stuff. This is ANYONE’S game. No one really has the upper hand here because no one really plays these games anymore or ever did in most cases. That’s the beauty of OLD SCHOOL ONSLAUGHT.

1: Neon Geon
2: Derrick Legend
3: Psychoblue
4: Sketch
5: Sixtyfortyfive
5: Captain Uzbekistan
7: RedCyclone
7: Osirun
9: Ryujin
9: Lion’s Eye
9: Josh the Funkdoc
9: FaceMeAndBeBroken
13: Thulius
13: Schnets
13: ailerus
13: RevTev
17: Mohawk Mike
17: Deswa
17: Mingie
17: King Chadwick
17: McWopatino
17: Rabid One

Winner: Sixfortyfive

SONIC 2 (Time Attack on Stages 1 & 2):
Winner: Tornado - with a time of 69 seconds

Winner: Deswa

1: Derrick Legend
2: Sketch
3: Osirun
4: ailerus
5: Tony Blaze
5: Deg
7: Psychoblue
7: Nightmare Shifter

1: Jetm
2: Derrick Legend
3: Mingie
4: Sketch
5: Thulius
5: Neon Geon
7: Arkayne
7: Kinderparty
9: Psychoblue
9: Heno
9: Townes
9: Ryujin
13: SoulBushido
13: Sixtyfortyfive
13: Wolfie

1: Josh the Funkdoc
2: Dandy J
3: Derrick Legend
4: Osirun
5: RedCyclone
5: Arkayne
7: Tony Blaze


DATE: July 2nd, 2011

TIME: - OSO 4 starts at 1pm. 70/20/10 pot split. If more than 30 entrants, there will be a $50 POT BONUS!
Sonic 2 time attack starts at 2pm. Speed run on the first two stages. Each person will get two cracks at it and stick with their best time.
Bomberman starts at 4pm. 4p simultaneous. Top two advance each round until finals.
Mario Kart starts at 5pm. 4p simultaneous. Two races. Top two advance until finals.
Prizes to the winners.

SSFIVAE 3v3 is at 7pm. 70/30 split. Played on PS3. If there’s less than 15 people entering, we will do a 2v2 instead. RULES: Double Elim. Pokemon style. You must keep the same character throughout the tournament but you can switch ultras. You must decide and maintain your playing order the whole tournament.
MvC 3 3v3 is at 8pm. 70/30 split. PS3/XBOX360. Same as SSFIVAE except the same characters are allowed on teams.
MK9 2v2 is at 8pm. 70/30 split. PS3. Same as SSFIVAE (minus the ultra switching). Kratos is banned.

Arcade Legacy
322 W. Crescentville Rd
Cincinnati, OH 45246
Arcade Legacy

$8 venue if you come for OSO. $10 if you come later for teams tourneys (includes FREE PLAY all day on our 40+ arcade machines)
$5 to enter the OSO tournament (also includes MARIO KART, BOMBERMAN and SONIC 2 tournaments)
$5/person for the SSFIV 3v3
$5/person for the MK9 2v2
$5/person for the MvC3 3v3

One person for each match will randomly pick a card that has the game to be played written on it. Best 3 out 5 for each game including all finals. That’ll give you a few matches to get good at the game quickly. No character is banned. If you know enough about any of these games to infinite someone, you deserve to win. Double Elimination. The pot will be split 70/20/10 & there will be a rad prize for the winner! You can bring your own controller if you have one for these systems, but we will have pads available and some sticks. A few of the games will be on arcade machines. Keeping with OSO tradition, the FINAL MATCH will be on a game that very few, if any, of you guys have seen or played so the playing field will be fairly level.

I am SO there (+1) FYI

I have to consult my superiors and my girlfriend before going, otherwise, i want to go to make up for me missing the last ranbats of the season. :<

Me and the GF will be in attendance. She is excited for the Mario Kart tourney.

Should be fun. I look forward to getting carried in Marvel.

I’ll probably make it to this somehow. All of it seems pretty fun. Would need a partner for Mortal Kombat though.

We are working on getting a stream setup for this. Will be lots of fun to watch if you can’t make it. Some of the craziest (worst?) fighting games in existence. Most of them never saw the light of day in the US.

Stream will be provided and run by Dandy J and ME! Ailerus

Stream should be fun :slight_smile:

If the schedule’s clear, count me in. Sonic twoooooooooooooo

man… I’m going to be out of town :frowning:

I’m in there!

A few ?s:

  • Are SF4/MvC3/MK team only? No singles tournaments?
  • By Sonic 2 time attack do you mean the dedicated 2P Versus mode or just 1P time trials or something?
  • Why not Saturn Bomberman instead of SNES? On the off-chance I could make it (my crew might prefer to wait for Rocket Punch 2 instead), I could provide a full 10-player SBomb setup of my own with controllers to spare.
  • What kind of turnout are you expecting?

Teams only. It’s what we do at OSO. Sonic 2 will be 1p time trials. Saturn Bomberman is great, but I don’t have the game and I don’t like counting on someone else to bring stuff so I am sticking with SNES this time. Last year we had around 50 total people. Rocket Punch last year had about 90. Hope to see you at either (or both!).

So how many levels is the Sonic event composed of? The whole damn game? Might have to bust out my Genny for a little practice…

EDIT: Any kind of venue discount for bringing our own setups? If so, what do you need?

This will be my first major tournament as before I’ve only dabbled in (and in some cases, raped) small local tournies either at Tsubasacon or on campus. Time to see how the pros do this! :slight_smile:

Sixfortyfive - It’s better to just show up and have a great time rather than be overly concerned about what the dynamic(s) of each tournament are. Being random is good and fun and generally makes for an overall better experience. There will be plenty of folks there for you to compete with any game(s) you wish. Hope to see you there!

I agree for the most part, but I felt kind of burned on PowerUp’s mystery tournament. FWIW, I’d much prefer a format like UFGT7’s (which seemed to have random-but-generally-highly-acclaimed and diverse games like NSMB and Goldeneye) over something like PowerUp’s where all I got to play was 3rd-rate fighters, so I’m probably not going to be up for the OSO tournament proper. That’s just personal preference and I’m almost assuredly up for things like classic Sonic/Bomberman no matter what the format, though; I’m just naturally curious when it comes to details.

So, I’ve got a Dreamcast and a slew of fighting games (3rd Strike, Double Impact, DOA2 Special Edition, Garou, VF3, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, Project Justice to name a few). Would it be OK if I brought some games with me if anyone is willing to provide the Dreamcast? Or hell, maybe I should just bring my whole console with me?

@Sixfortyfive - I keep forgetting to update the main post, but Sonic will be a speed run on the first two stages. Each person will get two cracks at it and stick with their best time. As far as mystery games, I am in the opposite boat as you. I’d rather it be nearly totally random and not games everyone (or anyone) knows. I find that to be way more fun and entertaining to watch as well. That’s why I do OSO twice a year. I’d definitely suggest you do not enter OSO as it will be 80% games no one has played or seen.

@Psychoblue - You can bring anything you’d like although I do already have most of that stuff at the arcade and in fact have most of them in arcade machines. I have plenty of Dreamcasts so no need to bring that. Also, I wouldn’t consider this a major tournament by any stretch of the imagination. I’d say come to Rocket Punch 2 on July 30th for something closer to that experience. Come to both if you can. You will get two entirely different tournament experiences.