[Jul 2, 2011] Endless Battle #6: Win a round trip ticket to EVO Las Vegas! (Astoria, NY)


My cell number # 347-494-0476

When: Saturday July 2nd 2011 @ 12pm casuals signups at 130 starting at 2pm

Where: Astoria Break Bar And Billards @ 32-04 Broadway 2nd fl, Astoria NY 11106 (Queens)

SSF4:AE hosted by Citiofbrass (xbox360) 6 Asus Set ups Guaranteed!!!
> 2/3 games winner must keep same character but can change ultra
> double elimination
> 3/5 on losers, winners, and grand finals

2 casual set ups to play what ever you like

Fee to enter the tourney : $15
Fee if you ONLY wanna play casuals/spectate: $5

Stream: www.Teamspooky.com

food and drinks will be sold at the venue

Prize: 1st place gets a round trip ticket to evo2k11!!! You choose the dates on how long you would like to stay : )

Requirement: 16 entries minimum. If it is under 16 then the prize would be the pot as 60%, 25%, 15%.

any questions?


this is a Runback because everyone loves the venue. Sanford Kelly won the roundtrip ticket on 6/18/11

reserved for FAQ

  1. If i already have a ticket can i enter anyway?

I’m afraid not. This is for the people of our community that cannot afford to go or just didn’t have plans on going. although i cannot regulate and find out who has a ticket already, all i ask is to please respect my rules: if you have a ticket by 6/18/11 please do not enter this tourney.

  1. Why no other games?

I would like to do this tourney as quickly as possible with no obstacles. i’m projecting a high number of entries so i wouldn’t want the tourney to last longer than it should. there is no cash prize so i would like to run this as smooth as possible
3. Why not MVC3 instead of SSF4:AE?

cause the game is ASS : p

No seriously, SSF:AE will be the newest console game out.

  1. Why do you do this?

As mentioned on Q1, there are a lot of members of the community that are really good players but they cannot afford to go.
5. Is there room for casuals?


  1. I noticed that this is a bar, how old you have to be to enter?

All ages are welcomed but you do have to be 21 to drink alcohol and that will be strongly enforced.

definitely coming. Need that round trip ticket to evo.

I will be there

wow can’t miss out, i wanna go to vegas!!!

yes please

Ill go just to get some Sakura mirrors with citi…you still the smartest sakura in nyc!

thx for showing appreciation guys! my silent invester and i do this for the community.

i will be making revisions all day so stay tuned : )

aw no love for mahvel?


lol I was trying to figure out who EnemySighted is, but now I know

Who is this jasonC character?^ I used to play against a jasonC decades ago lol.


oh my gad…steve with the godlike avatar

Hopeflly I’m not working that day:)

I’m in there :slight_smile:

Wait, so if you have less than 16 entries then the prize will just be a normal pot distribution? and if its over then no pot and just the evo ticket? im alittle confused someone clear this up for me.

^ right shine u got it right.

a ticket now cost $450 atleast. and i cant get the ticket until the date b/c u need a name to put on it. even if i get it now and do a name change its $75 extra. its a win win situation for teh winner either way.

for 2 consecutive years, i have been unable to attend Evo. I expect some change this year

^ mike ill tell you right now, if you go, you will feel like a super star cause many know your name off of guard crush. your tourney is how nyc is viewed at the moment. i gotta admit, its a good feel to hear ppl say " oh! thats you? i watch you all the time man!"