[Jul 2, 2011] Test Your Skills Bar Fights 3 (Road To Evo) (Sugar Land, TX)

[COLOR=#71c0ee]AirbrushKing.net Presents Test Your Skills Series[/COLOR]
AirbrushKing Venue

9903 S Highway 6
Sugar Land, TX 77498
United States

Contact Information:
Email: [COLOR=#71c0ee]AirbrushKing@abdk.net[/COLOR]
Capacity/Hours: 200+ People/10+ Tables/Hrs:2pm-10pm

The Story
Coming Soon!

Facebook RSVP: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=177197305670398

Airport/Hotels/Housing/Food Areas:

Hotels close to Smileys ([COLOR=#71c0ee]CLICK HERE)[/COLOR]

Food Areas- (located down the street) Mc Donalds/Subway/Churches Chicken/Burger King/Chick Fil A/Taco Bell

Atm- Chase (located in the parking lot)


B.Y.O.S/Bring Your Own Setups (Tv/Console/Controller/Arcade Sticks/Ubs cables)

You are not required to bring any setups but if you do, you will be compensated
Live Stream:

[COLOR=#71c0ee]AirbrushKing.net (Front Page Under Recent News)[/COLOR]



Confirmed States/Cities/International:

Coming Soon!



Venue/Entry Fees:

$8$ (Venue) (Wristband) (Purchased at the entrance)
$10$ (Entry) (Per Game) (Collected inside of the venue)

Cash Prizes/Payout:

1st 70% + AirbrushKing Custom Airbrushed Prizes
2nd 20%
3rd 10%

Special Prizes sponsored by [COLOR=#71c0ee]AirbrushKing.net[/COLOR]

(Rules and Regulations)

A wristband MUST be purchased in order for you to enter the venue. If you do not have a wristband on, you will be asked to get one. If you REFUSE, you will be escorted out the venue by SECURITY!

(((Casuals start at 3:00pm & Registration for all games begin at 3:15pm)))

(Super Street Fighter 4) (X360) (Ps3 Casuals)

Singles Tournament begins at 3:30pm Volunteer/Ran by Jan

  • 2 vs 2 Teams (Waseda Format) 10$/Per Team/5$/Per Person

(Smash Bros. Melee) (Gamecube/Wii)

Singles Tournament begins at 3:30pm Volunteer/Ran by Jake 13

(Marvel Vs Capcom 2) (Dreamcast) (Ps3 & X360 Casuals)

Singles Tournament begins at 4:00pm Ran by AirbrushKing

  • Low Tier 5$/Entry/Per Person

(Marvel Vs Capcom 3) (X360) (Ps3 Casuals)

Singles Tournament begins at 4:00pm Ran by AirbrushKing

  • 2 vs 2 Teams (Waseda Format) 10$/Per Team/5$/Per Person

(Mortal Kombat 9) (Ps3) (X360 Casuals)

Singles Tournament begins at 4:00pm Ran by AirbrushKing

(Arcana Heart 3) (X360) (Ps3 Casuals)

Singles Tournament begins at 4:00pm Ran by AirbrushKing

(((5$ Late Fee for any sign up?s after the tournament begins for all games so be ON TIME)))

((For All Games Rules Go To?-> [COLOR=#71c0ee]Here))[/COLOR]

Followed by the
Main Event/Money Matches:

Coming Soon!

Undercards/Money Matches:

Coming Soon!

(If you have a grudge/want to money match anybody. Post or Pm me so I can add it in this section)

Test Your Skills Series/HOBO Results–> ([COLOR=#71c0ee]Here)[/COLOR]

Thought this was on the 9th. Hmm.

I’m recording, this is the last tournament I did.

FADC to Super Tournament - Galvaston, TX 05/21/2011

Had to change the date due to the 9th being booked already. Last bar fights had 50+ people and alot of money matches. I hope this 1 brings more hype and new faces along with bigger money matches. I didnt know HD Remix was that serious. Hadoken Vs ? played for 800$ including sidebets. I know this time will be alot more. You have to come out and witness the hype!

3nigmat1c: Come early to catch the runback between Hadoken Vs ?. I know it will be 1000$+ including sidebets this time in HD Remix.

I think me and my brother will make it. Have never been to smileys because I work on wed night :(. Hopefully the tourneys will be over by 8:30pm since I go in to work at 9:(

Yea the tournament will be over by 9 cause thats when the Dj comes in and starts spinning. Also, what games are you/brother entering?

Awesome. I’m entering mk9 and mvc3 my bro will just enter mk9.

Cool. Does your bro play mvc3 and what team do you play in mvc3 and character in mk9?

No. He only plays mk9. I play a phoenix team Cus I like to win! Lol jk. I’m messing with 2 teams right now. Everyone else just has to wait for who I use in mk9. Btw will skarlett be available?

Oh ok. Phoenix huh, i guess you joined the dark side lol. As far as skarlett goes, that character should be playable as long as nobody else has a problem with it. I dont think the character is broken to my knowledge. Is the character broken btw?

Well they made a mistake. Her back throw takes away 17%. Lol it’s only suppose to do 11% NRs said they gonna fix it. Other than that she’s fine.

Was always interested in going to a tourney/event. Never actually competed. Do I register when I get there or somewhere else? Sorry, still new to the FG community and forum, and Houston.

I like how it says road to Evo yet… Blazblue isn’t on this list.


Katt: Damn, do you think they will patch her up?

Blazed420: Welcome and you register at the tournament. What games do you play?

Animefreak6969: I will add blazblue if people will show for it. I offered blazblue in the past and got 2-4 people interested in playing. Ill check dustloop and if there is alot of interest I have no problem adding it. I will offer blazblue for casuals and if there is enough people, I dont mind running a tournament for it. Are you coming?

Countdown has begun. 6 more days till HYPE! LETS GO GO GO…

Sup ABK,

Currently only playing MvC3. Also is it single or double elim? Couldn’t find it on your site.

Its double elim and what characters do you play?

Currently I’m running 2 teams (not quite sure who to use just yet).
Main: Ammy/Ryu/Sent
Alt: Wolv/Dante/Ryu

What about you?

I play Capt A/Doom/Sent. I want to pick up dante but I know he requires some serious execution. Surprised you didnt mention pheonix? Nowadays everybody is playing her pr do you play her as a backup?

Yea, Dante is pretty fun to play. It’s so hard to excute his moves online though…compared to training. I agree with you as well. Everyone is running a ph. team now-a-days. I do have a ph. team, but I don’t really play them, only when I’m messing around I’ll play that team.