[Jul 2, 2011] Unfinished Business: Singles AE/MvC3 Tournament ft. FKO Stream (Vallejo, CA)

Unfinished Business is a weekly session usually hosted in San Diego that is being setup for a one time session in NorCal.


July 2nd, 2011

7247 Seaglass Drive
Vallejo, CA, 94591

Open from 8pm - 5am

$2 for just casuals

  • $3 per game for tournament

Tournament Rules

  • Starts at 10 or 11
  • 2/3 Games in brackets
  • 3/5 Games in winners/losers/grand finals
  • Double Elimination
  • 99 Seconds
  • No Handicap

Tournaments will be run on xbox360
I only have one setup and two TV’s so if anyone can please contribute wether it’s 360 or PS3. Please do so.

Sign Ups (According to who signs up here. Not capped.)

Setups so far:
360 - 5
PS3 - 0

*Key: *
( ) = setup
[ ] = games

  1. J/P (w/ TV/360/AE) [AE and MvC3]
  2. Tyram (w/ Asus/360/MvC3)
  3. [S]Carnage707 [MvC3 and AE][/S]
  4. batmanuel [MvC3]
  5. sneakermaker [MvC3 and AE]
  6. Shway (w/ TV/360/AE/MvC3) [MvC3 and AE]
  7. fauxtrot (w/ Asus/360/AE) [AE]
  8. Raikanami (w/ Asus/360/MvC3/AE)
  9. Roscoe (w/ 360/AE)
  10. AJ
  11. Spinners
  12. Macarudy
  13. Supa
  14. Hi_Im_Nastyy [MvC3/AE]
  15. Thomas [MvC3]
  16. batmanuel guest [MvC3]

I’m there!!!

I’ll bring a set up too j/p

ASus monitor plus 360 for mvc3

Post this tourney in the pacific north matchmaking thread too!!!

Get this sticky!!!

I’ll be there with AE and Marvel

I’ll be there with some 707 locals. Finally a tourney I don’t have to go out of town for

does this start 10 AM or PM, just a little confused because of the casual start and end time

Tourney starts at 10 PM

You know what? I come back that day. Sign me up for both, Sneakermaker is fine. And just FYI, I was looking for this in the PAC north forum. Raikanami streaming?

Raikanami will be streaming.
I post this link in all the local forums closest to Vallejo. I’ll post them on all PAC North threads again.

you know I’m in there. Get me for AE and Marvel.

and I got that 360 set up for our available monitor

Thanks for contributing bro.

i’ll be coming from sac with a few people and can bring a 360 setup if it looks like it’s still needed the day of.

Thanks for the help man. Do you have a monitor too? How many ppl are you bringing btw? jw

I’m coming with fauxtrot, and I’m also participating in the tourney.

which tournament?

he’ll be playing marvel (if not both) and i’ll be sticking to just AE… we have another friend of ours coming that will most likely play in both, as well. i have an EVO (ASUS) monitor that i can bring… i’ll just have to find a good way to hide it in the car while we’re checking out southtown arcade prior to your event, haha.

Yes, I’ll be playing Marvel and AE, fauxtrot will be on AE, and our other guy who goes by illmatic, will be playing Marvel.

I just put a blanket or ugly jacket over my stuff haha. or in the trunk after i park.
thanks a lot for helping out btw

it’s going to be me and one other person. just marvel for both of us

can u change illmatic to just Thomas, thanks =)