[Jul 20, 2012] Hostile Takeover's Summer Showdown (New Windsor, NY)


[LEFT]$10 Venue Fee[/LEFT]
[LEFT]$5 Tournament Fee per event[/LEFT]

UpState NY thread

so your doing this every month and is it on ps3 or xbox?


Yes, it will take place once a month. Xbox360.


awesome ive been looking for a place nearby to play i cant make it tomorrow but next month ill defiantly be there


Oh word? Where you from?

& this month’s will be taking place on the 28th, I’ve updated the description.

  1. how many people came for each game the last time?..estimate per game.

  2. how will the prize money be divided?


Used to live up that way … nice to see something going on up there.


Thanks man, we’re trying to build a scene up here. :] Where you from?

Last time we didn’t have enough of a turnout per game for a full tourney, so we couldn’t monitor the turnouts. This month should be much better. The prize money will be 60/30/10.

Note to all: Feb28 is not the official date for the February Monthly. We’re currently switching to a new and improved venue (in the same area), so a date hasn’t been finalized yet. Rest assured that it will be a Saturday in late February.


this going to happen?


Yo where is this? I’m in Newburgh . Had no clue you guys have tourneys. count me in I will see you there.


u should be coming up to Upstate and playing against rochester, buffalo, NYC, Albany, and Long Island


Not yet, unfortunately. I updated the OP with info. We’re looking for a new venue in the area. We want to pool our funds to be able to throw a bigger and more respectable event, which will showcase everything Hostile Takeover has to offer.

Yo! Our old venue was in Vails Gate by Price Chooper. We’ll most likely be moving to the Ramada Inn in Newburgh though. Glad to hear that there’s some locals who love fighters as much as we do. I’d suggest you add us on FaceBook if you have one. You can hit us up on there for more details, and maybe you can come through and run some casual sets with us sometime! Hope to hear back from you.

That would be a dream come true. Unfortunately, Rochester and Buffalo are 5+ hours away. The city, Albany, and LI are a possibility though. We’re just all very busy with life + trying to organize events of our own. We’ll be making tourney appearances soon, though. We had 2 members repping us at 8onthebreak, but I heard that fell through. HT Failyer will probably be at The Next Level today, though. :slight_smile:


trust me the drive is worth it… i have LI and NYC at my events… its great experince for u …and we driving to Big Two today
if u want people to come to your events u need to get out there


Hey yeah definitely. I already added you guys on Facebook. Definitely looking to play some matches I haven’t entered a Fighting Game Tournament since ECC9 back in like 2005 I think… but yeah update me on whats going on. Thats cool you guys changed the venue. I actually suggested a couple weeks back on Facebook that if you guys wanted to move the venue to somewhere more publicly accesable. Good to see you are considering the Ramada on Union, great place to hold it. Anyways good stuff and yeah definitely would like to get some casuals in HMU also on Live if you guys have it. My Gamertag is under my avatar. HMU for sure


Sorry man, we have higher things on our priorities at the moment. Hope the Dustbowl does beastly and Upstate continues to do work. We’ll be around soon.

I added you. & good stuff on already having us added haha.


Unless something comes up, I’ll see about going to this for MK9. Anything to support that game and the scene.


OP updated! New event!