[Jul 21, 2012] KOTC Fighting Game Tourney (Morristown, NJ)


Hey Everybody!
I have thrown a few tournaments in the past year, and posted my info on SRK. To my surprise I got a massive turnout, got some known heads to pop through like FNEX Mad Titan and EMP KDZ to name a few. Led to some sponsor deals, new friends, and a partnership with Rod Lane and KOTC gaming. With that said:

Time for the biggest event of the summer next to EVO, the King of the Couch Tourney, sponsored by Gamestop!
With an added bonus; This year is the first time fighters are being introduced, and what better place to announce it/ hype it up then the SRK forums!

Big Venue! Bigger prizes! And of coarse, the BIGGEST Hype!

Hopefully that got your attention, and I can stop using caps, so allow me to now jump into the venue/game rules:

Venue: The Hyatt Hotel
3 Speedwell Avenue
Morristown, NJ, 07960

Time: 11 Am Sign-ups
1 PM Tournament Matches
(Please be prompt so we can get the hype moving quickly)

Fighting Games:
[LEFT]Super Street Fighter X Tekken [/LEFT]
[LEFT]Mortal Kombat[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition[/LEFT]
[LEFT](Smash Bros. Brawl Pending)[/LEFT]

[LEFT]$10 venue fee + $10 for each game you enter[/LEFT]
[LEFT](I.E. That’s $20 for one game, $30 for two, yada yada)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Each Tournament Video Game shall have the same prize pool of: 1st Place: 60% , 2nd Place: 30%, 3rd Place: 10%. [/LEFT]
[LEFT]Losers Bracket: Yes[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Matches: 2/3, (Grand finals, losers finals 3/5), Timer: 99s[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Winner Locked to character (can change ultra ONLY if loser changes character), loser choice to change either. Macros are NOT permitted. Random Stage Select (Neutral stage: Training)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Losers Bracket: Yes[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Matches: 3/5, (Grand finals, losers finals 3/5 as well)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Winner Locked to character(s)/assist(s) but can change assist order, loser choice to change either. Random Stage Select (Neutral stage: Training)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]**Street Fighter X Tekken (Singles Tournament) **[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Loser’s Bracket: Yes[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Rules: Same as SSF4, with the inclusion of no gems and random stage select.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Loser’s Bracket: Yes[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Matches: 2/3 (Grand Finals 3/5)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Winner locked to character, loser choice of changing. Random stage select, unless both agree on changing, then another stage may be randomly selected. DLC characters are allowed. [/LEFT]

Soul Calibur V
[LEFT]Loser’s Bracket: Yes[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Matches: 2/3. Rounds: 3/5. Time: 60s[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Winner locked to character, loser free to change.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]No custom items, outfits, colors or CAS[/LEFT]
[LEFT]For more info on the event. or if you are interested in seeing what other games are going to be offered, feel free to head to:[/LEFT]
[LEFT]or www.kotcnation.com[/LEFT]
[LEFT]And here is a copy of the flyer: http://twitpic.com/9v38z3[/LEFT]
[LEFT]If you still have any questions, or wanna hit me up about more offerings about the NGC (NJIT GAME CLUB) , feel free to hit me up as well[/LEFT]
[LEFT]fb: http://www.facebook.com/ayodeji.asagba[/LEFT]
[LEFT]cell: 973-687-9908[/LEFT]
[LEFT]While you are there, please feel free share the info with people you know, help us help you make this event as hype as possible.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Hope to see you all there![/LEFT]

UMvC3 OTT Back to the Norm

AYO! good stuff with KOTC. I’m trying to gather the Rutgers troops to come out to this. Are you guys looking to stream this monthly? Pretty sure Jaxel or Bifuteki could do this if they’re available.


YO ROY! Thanks for the bump. If you could get some Rutgers people that would be fucking awesome. As for a monthly stream, I gotta talk with the man in charge, but im DEF down for that. Im a fan of dat bifuteki, so you def got me interested.


I thank you for your kind words


Aw no Soul Calibur? Bummer.


Soz TeeKay, could not generate enough interest. I will bring a copy tho, so maybe there will be some casuals, sorry to disappoint. But should still be hype elsewise, hope you can make it.


this is the first time KOTC is hosting fighting games anyway, if we get a big enough showing for this one then at future events maybe we can add SC5, be able to stream and other things…

right now the owner just wants to test the waters with the FGC so we need to have everyone show and have a large crowd.


For the record, it is not; 2010 was.
At any rate I’ll probably go as long as I don’t have work stuff going on.


What I mean to say is whereas Fighters are a main focus, not just something on the side. IE, while everyone is playing madden/gears/halo/etc there isnt just street fighter. But noted for the correction all the same.

Hope you can make it out.


every kotc tourney i’ve been to has been a joke…shady stuff like unclear prize distribution, rules that make no sense and organizers not knowing anything about the games or player base really ticks me off. I understand that you’re just their partner or w/e but I hope you know what you’re doing.

standard ae rules are winner character is locked but can change ultra if the opponent counterpicks. I’m pretty sure that marvel standard rules do not allow winner to change anything about their team most importantly ASSISTS. not totally sure about team order but im pretty sure actual assist moves are locked

btw you will have a terrible sfxtk turnout stop supporting that terrible game over king of fighters, soul calibur, and virtua fighter but yeah you’re gonna do it anyway so just make sure that there are actually no gems on all your setups and that you preset your marvel setups to have auto superjump off…also make sure that all of your consoles are updated to the current patch of each game “yada yada” good luck with your event!


Hey Dyn, I see you are pretty passionate about the community, and have at least made it out to a one or so KOTC tournouts. I cant speak for the experience that you have had with them in the past, but I will try my damndest to make sure whatever those mistakes were, won’t be repeated. As for your points, you are correct, This isn’t the first tourney I’ve run, nor the last, that I have posted on srk. So I’d like to think I know what I am doing. However, I’d be a fool if I wasn’t open to critque. The current ruleset that I have placed is more or less the same one I used during our last event with FNEX and KDZ and them at it, and no one raised an eyebrow. But I will look at it again, as some of what you stated made sense. As for SFxT, I personally don’t like the game myself, but more people play it then SC5 (at least from where I have been standing/hosting anyway). If I knew for a fact it was the other way around, it’d have been there, easy. But I don’t. I may be able to add it in, in lieu of smash, but we gotta do more talking behind the scenes before that happens (granted that is somewhat short notice and to anyone reading this, if that does happen, I personally apologize prior).

In any event, the gems, updates, dlc chars, stages, presets, all that has been taken care of as day one priority, so I guarantee you none of that will be an issue.

Thanks for the luck wish tho, and hope to see you there!


thank you for your consideration and input…
our rules are based off of EVO standard rule set, and within EVO rules the winner can change the order of your assists not point character

and we already have all the rules setup and ready to go, we know all about the gems and all the updates for every game and all the DLC characters, the only thing we might be missing will be the costumes for characters, but that doesnt affect gameplay

anything necessary has already been taken care of…we hope your previous experience doesnt turn you away from the fighting games at future kotc events, the games are going to be run by people in fighting game community and people who play the games themselves, me and Ayo play these games everyday and know what the rules are what needs to be expected :slight_smile:


[LEFT]Join the facebook page for the event . [/LEFT]

[LEFT]Also if you’re from new york and need directions to get there I go from the port authority bus terminal its about $19 both ways for adults. Its the very last stop on the bus and you get dropped off right off in front of the hotel. [/LEFT]


[LEFT]Thats the bus line I use. If we stay late the last train to nyc is about 15 dollars it may have raised a bit since the last time I went so just to be one the safe side try to bring about 30 and it leaves around 12:30-12:45am in the night. Either way going and coming is about a hour and 15 minutes ride bus or train. Hope to see you all there and good luck[/LEFT]


MK should be 2nd player of first game gets stage choice with loser getting to pick stage every game after.


Good looks Ciggs, I assume that was the evo ruling hmm? Will look at the rules again seeing as a couple of people brought this to my attention.


1 question, do you need a partner for SFxT or can you play by yourself?


Street Fighter x Tekken is singles only, no teams for this one…maybe expand to teams at a future event if enough interest in it.


Any idea on how many people you’ll get for SSF4AE?


we’re not sure how many people, we have a number of members on our facebook event page, but that can’t really tell us how many people are going. This is the first time KOTC is hosting SSFIV AE and other fighting games with people who actually know the games and how to run them. We are hoping for a big turnout so we can continue to have them at KOTC and in the future get prizes on top of the regular pot. So just show up ready to play, and tell all your friends to tell all their friends to show up. We’re having SSFIV AE, UMVC3, MK9, SFxTK, and now SC5, I think the main organizer is going to have Smash there too.


Rules have been updated, and as stated, SC5 has been added. ENJOY!!!