[Jul 21, 2012] Tokyo In Tulsa 2012 adding $1000 into Fighters: Street Fighter, Soul... (Tulsa, OK)


Tokyo In Tulsa 2012 adding $1000 into Fighters: Street Fighter, Soul Calibur, Smash, UMvC3

In Tulsa, OK on July 20-22nd, 2012 Various

Location: Tulsa Convention Center Address: 100 Civic Center, Tulsa, OK 74103

Game List: Super Street Fighter 4 AE, Soul Calibur 5, Super Smash Bros Brawl, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3

Event Description: Tokyo In Tulsa is Oklahoma’s largest convention centered around Japanese Anime and Culture. We also highlight gaming (console, CCG and RPG/Tabletop), web comics, writers, and popular culture. Gamers, Concert fans and Anime Fans everywhere and of every persuasion will find something to do and be excited about! Tokyo In Tulsa is about coming together, having fun and celebrating our common interests. Website - http://www.tokyointulsa.com

That said? This is simply the comments thread for the Fighting Game tournaments:

GO HERE FOR ALL GAMING DETAILS: http://tokyointulsa.com/gaming/

Basic Details:

FIGHTERS, $5 entry per tournament - Organized by OKgamers.com:

Super Street Fighter 4 AE with ($500 added to the pot): Saturday 1pm Soul Calibur 5 with ($500 added to the pot): Saturday 2pm Super Smash Bros Brawl 1v1: Saturday 4pm Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Saturday 6pm

BYOC Tournaments - Organized by OKgamers.com:

Sunday, TBA

All Pots are split - 1st place 70%, 2nd place 20%, 3rd place 10% Tokyo in Tulsa is adding $1000 STRAIGHT into the Fighter pots; breakdown above. We reserve the right to cancel any tournament that has less than 8 people attending. These tournaments are held at Tokyo in Tulsa; a one day gaming pass for TnT is $15.

Entry / Location / Tournament Costs: Location Fee / Access to TnT Gameroom - $15 Gamer Pass (Pro Tip - wear an OKg Shirt, get $5 off)

Tournament Entry - $5 per person, per tournament (This ALSO goes straight into the Pot, to be split between the winners)


I know this is a late but just think about how free Tulsan’s are! =D it will be as easy as getting water from a water fountain.

We are just 4 hours from Little Rock, AR; Dallas, TX; and Kansas City, KS. I’d love to see some of the same people that came out to our OKG event just a couple of months ago. OkG has been very supportive of our fighting game scene to get new players and grow our dwindling community.


Don’t forget Wichita. We’ll be taking Marvel. :smiley:


Hopefully some of our guys have been in the lab to put up some fight.


Anybody else find it weird that Smash is in, and MK9 is not? MK was hype at EVO.


Oklahoma probably has one of the most thriving competitive Smash community. Our Fighting game scene is very spread out and we have not heard any interest in MK9 at all.


And this is a Anime Convention guys dress up for kicks and giggles and play games!!


So what time should we get there and register if we are playing sf? And if I were to play in marvel and ssf4 how much would it be to enter?