[Jul 22, 2012] Skullgirls Sunday (London, W1D 7DH)


A pre-Olympics, pre-patch day of Skullgirls casual and maybe even tournament play depending on demand.

Things you need to know:

  • There is no venue fee, you’re completely welcome to play casuals for absolutely no charge at all, however, if you wish to enter the tournament, there is a £2 entry fee.
  • The tournament will start promptly at 1:30PM, this is largely because the venue closes at 6PM and I have no interest in overrunning.
  • We’ll be running a single setup, just keep that in mind.
  • Tournament will be double elimination Bo3 with no restrictions put in place, if the numbers are wonky I might emply pools or byes, and if numbers are low I’ll raise it to a Bo5
  • The prize will either be a 60-30-10 potsplit, or the number of entrants are low, it will be a winner takes all prize where I refund the entry fee for 2nd place.
  • While bringing your own stick is preferred, I do have my own TE that you’re free to use if you’re unable to bring your own.
  • If you’re a complete newbie, a movelist and help will be provided so you’ll be able to have fun regardless!

http://neoempire.com/forum/showthread.php?t=13255 is the catchall thread for general discussion of the event as a whole, so if you have any questions, ask there or PM me.

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