[Jul 23, 2011] Atlanta Revival July 23, 2011 Getting Ready For Evo! (Atlanta, Georgia)

Heyyy guys, were back for another month at the Georgia World Congress Center. We are getting everyone ready for Evo 2011!!!

If your bringing any set-ups please arrive early cause once we have enough then we will not be accepting

*******IF you are running late and would like to add your name on to the Bracket please call me (770) 882-7912 or Pokchop.

When: July 23, 2011

Where: Georgia World Congress Center
285 Andrew Young International Blvd.
Atlanta, GA 30313

Room: C201

Time: 11:00am-Midnight

Registration Time: Noon-2pm

Tournament Start Time: 3pm…I would like to start on time!!!

Door Fee is $10
*Full Set-up- Door fee is wavie
*Half set-up- Door fee will be $5

*Spectator Fee is $5

Parking is $10…Park in the GOLD Lot

Super Street Fighter 4 AE-$10
Marvel VS Capcom 3- $10
BlazeBlue- $10
Tekken 6- $10
Smash Brawl & Melee- $10 each

Same Rules as always or call me or Pokchop

Pot will be split 70/20/10

Yay :slight_smile:

I’m definitely attending this one.

David J.B.
Columbia, SC
AE and AH3

I’ll bring my PS3 for Arcana Heart 3, with an extra copy of AE and MK9 if needed. I’ll also make sure not to come with a bunch of $20 bills :stuck_out_tongue:

Looking forward to seeing you there :slight_smile:

like I said, if you make ah3 official i’ll be there.
so, i’m in there. if you play at all plz come out and play me some before i go to evo the next week for ah3 :smiley:

I got exposed last time wasnt feeling it, but I’m still coming back with my same low tier ass team Haggar/Hulk/Skrull. Bringing my own controller this time though.

I’ll be with Magnicious in Texas on 7/23…he would have graduated from Air Force BMT that Friday, so I’ll make sure he calls and checks in and see how things are going…hoping for a smoothly ran event with a huge turnout for you all…

derp bump should be a good showing?

il see if i can make it.

is there any Columbus or Atlanta GA community? if so can you guys link me thread.

Here you go
there’s also this for ah3/guiltygear/bb (until dustloop comes back up) - http://homingcancel.com/regional/georgia-on-my-mind/
oh wait dustloop is up for a little bit again so here’s the regional thread there for GG/BB:

I should be at this

Solidplay/ AnnoyingPlay here. Bama will be in the building. Dragging Raewkon187 and friends with me this time. I will attempt to get more than just my venue fee back this time for MVC3! HYPE!

Statesboro, GA
MvC3, AE

Couldn’t get my isht together in time, and it’s probably WAY too last-minute to get in on the bracket, at this point. Ugh. I’ll be there for spectating and casuals, tho. Looking forward to it!

The brackets won’t start being made until around 2 today Crumpy. Don’t hesitate to go up and ask if you can sign up if you really wanna play!
See everyone there in a few hours.

rock paper scissors shoot