[Jul 23, 2011] Omega Games Presents! Omega Tournament #4 on 7/23/11 in... (Charlottesville, VA)

Omega Games Presents! Omega Tournament #4 on 7/23/11 in Charlottesville, VA!!

Omega Games LLC. Presents! A Super Street Fighter IV/Marvel Vs Capcom 3/Mortal Kombat Tournament with side events!

Streams and videos!
We record most of our games taking place!
We will be streaming this event.

Xbox 360, PS3 We have either Usable. (BYOC Bring your own Controller/stick)

$10 Venue Fee
Warm-ups begin as soon as there are people to play against(Store opens at 10 AM)
ALL tournament entry fee’s are given back as prizes!

$10 MVC3 Singles (Default) Starts at 12PM SHARP.
$10 SSFIV Singles (See Below) STARTS AT 3 PM.(Bonus $100)
$10 MK Singles(Default) Starts at 5PM
$15 Per team. MVC3 Team Tournament(3 vs 3)
$15 Per team. SSFIV Team Tournament(3 vs 3)(See below)
$5 Guilty Gear AC XX Reloaded Plus
$5 Blazblue Double Elim(Default)
$5 HD Remix Double Elim(Akuma banned.)
$5 SSF Puzzle Fighter II HD Remix(Default)
$5 Street Fighter 3rd Strike!(Arcade Cabinet)

Side events will be run in 8 man pods(Or if enough 16 man)


Singles prize breakdown 70/20/10
Team tournament prize breakdown 70/20/10


  1. 2/3 Rounds, 2/3 Games, Double Elimination, 99 Seconds, No Handicap
  2. Stages will be selected at random.
  3. Winners must keep the same character and can change ultra but must do so before opponent make their choice.

Tag team tournament will start exactly 15 min after SSFIV singles ends.
Same rules apply.

The End Game Center
722 West Rio Rd
Suite #8
Charlottesville VA 22901
PHONE: (434)973-2205

There are many fast food restaurants and delis very close to the venue. Also snacks and drinks will be on sale inside of the store.

The End Game Center is a friendly, community oriented gaming and hobby shop in Charlottesville Virginia. The End specializes in Magic the Gathering and Warhammer 40,000/Fantasy products and events. We also feature Xbox 360 gaming stations and are very excited about accommodating the SSF4 community at large.

Please call or email us at omegagamesllc@gmail.com with any questions, we are more than happy to provide any and all information we can.

I’ll most likely be there for this. Probably play MK and SF4.

I probably play SF4 and Marvel.

I might be out of town but if not im in for Guilty gear and Mystery Game

Happy 4th bump.


I don’t use facebook so where does that link go?

it goes to Civil War 3 on facebook

Ah I see. Can’t make it out to that have previous engagement. Sucks to because they are looking like they are gonna have a big turnout.

This my only day off for the month just a couple questions no offense meant at all, whats the turn out like for these events? Are there any pictures or videos from past events online? I’m from SOVA if I decide to roll up I’ll bring people with.

Can someone link me the aftermath thread for the last event here?

We normally have around 22-30 people for MVC3 and SF4. I don’t know the expected turnout for this tournament.

That’s cool, I’m thinking about heading up there. Any idea how many people for MK9? I play SF4 and MK9 mostly. Its hard to find tournaments that line up with days I’m off within driving range so I gotta make um count.

I don’t really know how many we will have for MK because this will be our first tournament with MK. I’ll be playing it so thats one person lol.

Sweet, Think I’m gonna make it just gotta round up a crew.
What happen to tourney threads having a list of all the people attending in the first post? I been out of it for like almost a year. I use to put on some tourneys in SOVA and get like 50-75 heads though. I think I had one break 100 when T6 first dropped and people were still super hype on street fighter.

I guess the TO at the time didn’t feel like doing it. I like full lists my self or a bracket post. I don’t run these things I just try to promote them.

That’s cool dude, I’ll try and promote it down here and see if we can make it a solid showing from the south. I try to stay off the boards cause of all the trolls and time wasters and just read what I need to read but thanks for replying to my questions hopefully I’ll see you up there. When I know whats up I’ll post up and post up whose rolling with me.

Sounds good. Looking forward to meet/play you.

POW to the front page.

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