[Jul 25, 2012] STL BarWarz & Fatal KO Present: AMAZE v.1 [SSFIV:AE] (St. Louis, MO)


Amazing things are ready to begin @ the BarCade on a special BarWarz night as we bring the Progressive Ranbat system over from the Mahvel side on over to the AE heads for something we are gonna call… AMAZE. Just like ASTONISH, we will bring you a special once-a-month night of 2v2 action as you and your partner try to climb that ladder to the STLBW 2.0 season finale in December.

Mike “MMC RadioGnome” Kovac has the break down for how the teams will work:

"Entry fee will be $10 per team and the tourney wi…ll be run in an AvsA/BvsB format. Teams will designate who their A is and who their B is upon entry.

Here is an example of how a match will go: A from Team 1 will play A from Team 2 in a 2/3 set, then both B players will play in a 2/3 set. If A from Team 1 wins his/her match and B from Team 2 wins his/hers, then A and B will fight in a 2/3 set.

Which ever team wins that set wins the match."

Are you ready to AMAZE us?

-MMC Baztastic


Doors @ 6:30pm
Registration @ 7:30pm
Final Call @ 8:15pm

[$10/team] 8:30 PM - Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition 2012 2v2

The $5 venue fee IS in effect. Bring setups to avoid it.

As always, STL BarWarz is proudly brought to you with support from our sponsors:

Slackers CDs & Games [www.slackers.com]
Project GiantSword [www.projectgiantsword.com]
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& The Hawk Alliance.


Also note: there WILL be BarWarz on July 23rd, but it will be a non-streamed edition of STLBW. For further information about the 23rd, check out our facebook event @: http://www.facebook.com/#!/events/432808846763502/

Hope to see you all at some time in the next two events!