Fighting game players welcomed!
The BTB is going to potentially be a monthly tournament held the
last Sunday of every month. Games to be played will vary depending on demand.

The venue is Dave and Busters on Columbus Ave. There are various ways to get there.
If you’re a local make your way to the Market Frankford Blue Line and get off at 2nd St from
there Dave and Busters is less than a 10 minute walk. Drivers can find plenty of free parking
in the surrounding area OR you can park at Dave and Busters for $11.00. (Right across the
street you can commonly find parking for free however.)

We batted around a few ideas as to where we can hold a tournament that’s easy to find, with
plenty of room, food, and activities for all involved. Dave and Busters fits the bill perfectly. For those who don’t know Dave and Busters has a full bar, food menu, pool tables, and various arcade machines. Throw in a bunch of consoles, quality monitors, a live stream and guaranteed cash prizes and you have BATTLE BY THE BRIDGE. Come get some!

The Games this month:

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3. 8:30 PM
Street Fighter IV 2012 7:30 PM
Virtua Fighter*** 6:30 PM***

Times subject to change!

$5 entry fee per game.
$10 entry fee for VF5 ONLY.

There will also be a Jackpot style tournament being held at the same time as the primary tournament. Round Robin style winner stays on, money games at a set cost per match, winner stays on, but can be challenged double or nothing before he can get off with the cash. (details soon)
Tentative Schedule:
(Times are definitely subject to change)
Registration at 6.
7:30 SFIV 2012
9:00 UMVC3

There will be several setups for both tournament play and casuals.
More details coming soon! If you have a setup you can bring or would
like to assist send me a PM!

If you mean to attend post up!

Sponsored by the L.OOZE.R.


hmm. will be there for this


Jackpot style? Sounds like fun. I like having multiple tournaments going for the same game at the same time. Will help keep me sharp (or if I lose early, can still get plenty of action in).

One suggestion: KOF 13 seems to be the rage in DE right now. A tourney might draw some numbers for it.


Definitely we can look into KOF! I’ll talk to biz, course the more setups we have the more stuff we can run. So if you can help out, hit me up or biz.


think i can make it out to this one. should be there

edit: yea kof13 is where it’s at hopefully it’ll be there at this event


If there’s interest, we will play, if nothing else we’ll have some setups. There may be some special guests as well.
Stay tuned!


Ill definitely be there :slight_smile:


Just updated $100 guaranteed pot for Marvel!

Depending on time frame we may feature a randomer side tournament.
What is a randomer? It’s 10 games, 1 ten sided dice roll. Each game is
represented by a number 1-10. Single Elimination. Best out of 5 games.
New roll for each game.

Sponsored by: The Corporation.
More info soon!


Sounds like a good time, I’m going to AC that weekend, hope I’m back in time.


Awesome man, try and make it out. We got a grip of people coming from Delaware it seems (who aren’t listed here) with not to many Philly reps.
I don’t want to feel like I’m stealing their money after all :wink:

The D.M.V. (DC_Maryland_Virginia)

I will go but what system?


Xbox sir! Granted there will be PS3’s on deck.


Xbox is perfectly fine with me.


Should we post to “RVSP” if we’re interested in coming for the casuals?

Also is this BYOC? Sorry for the stupid questions, this would be my first tournament.


Always good to bring your own controller, if you want to play a specific game you can bring your own setup too. Some people aren’t to hot on you borrowing their sticks and we don’t supply them.

If you’re just coming for casuals there may be a venue fee, I’ll have to talk to the HCIC about that. Probably won’t be that much.


Note: If you’re playing in the tournament there is NO venue fee, extra money to grab some grub while you’re there.
Also special giveaways to be announced soon!


Hey, hey! If anyone has a stream setup and wants to use it hit me up!


So like, there will be PS3s for us pad warriors, right? >.>


I should be there for this. I just wish there was Soul Calibur.


yea not that i’m complaining, but is there like a new VF or something coming out this week or something? kind of surprised that’s up there next to AE/umvc3 and not sc5 or w/e.