[Jul 27, 2012] Classic Gaming Fest 2012 - The Evolution of Street Fighter... (San Antonio, Tx)


[SIZE=4]CGF 2012 or Classic Gaming Fest 2012 is FOUR action pack****ed days full of tournaments, games, music, contests, giveaways and FUN! Plus it’s all FREE!!!

Look Below for details on this days events, times, and other info!

**Starting at 11:30am - **
**Fighting Street (TG16CD) Exhibition - **
This is where part of the Street Fighter craze started. The first arcade unit actually had pressure sensitive pads which would match your actual hits on the pad with jab, medium, or fierce punches/kicks. Even though innovative it ushered in the six button controller due to the need of a more precise form of control. Even though this will not be an actual tournament we’ll have some fun playing and TRYING to pull off Hadokens, Syoryukens, and Tatsumakisenpukyakus.

**Starting at 12:30pm til 1:30pm - **
**Street Fighter II Tournament (SNES) - **
The beginning of the Street Fighter II craze starts here! Two in one combos, re-dizzy combos, touch of death combos…this game was just the beginning of a slew of improved versions. This tournament will have a gift card prize for 1st place!

**Starting at 1:45pm til 3:00pm - **
Street Fighter II Hyper Fighting Tournament (PS1) -
Adjustments abound in this version! New air moves, brand new moves for characters, and faster speed to name a few. This tournament will have a gift card prize for 1st place!

**Starting at 3:15pm til 4:30pm - **
**Super Street Fighter II Tournament (PS1) - **
Even more balancing in this version of Street Fighter II. This was also the version that introduced Cammy, Dee Jay, Fei Long, and T Hawk! This tournament will have a gift card prize for 1st place!

**Starting at 4:45pm til 6:15pm - **
Super Street Fighter II Turbo Tournament (PS2) -
The epitome of Street Fighter II balanced gameplay! This is THE tournament worthy version of the game. This edition also introduces super moves into the game. Charge up that meter and let your ultra damaging super fly into your opponent to win the match.This tournament will have a gift card prize for 1st place!

**Starting at 6:30pm til 7:30pm - **
**Street Fighter Alpha 3 Tournament (PS1) - **
The best of the the alpha series with the largest character selection to boot! This tournament will have a gift card prize for 1st place!

**Starting at 7:30pm - **
Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition 2012 Exhibition Matches (X360) -

This fantastic edition of Street Fighter IV will be playable inside the store for exhibition matches! Show everybody what you can do!

**Starting at 8:00pm til ???pm - **
**Street Fighter III: Third Strike HD Tournament (X360) - **

This is it! This is the biggest tournament of the night! Everybody has been requesting this for quite some time and here it is! Street Fighter III reached insane levels of popularity introducing new systems like parrying to the Street Fighter series. Let’s not forget EVO moment #37! You can even bring your fighting sticks to this tournament! We’ll have 64 slots open for this tournament! We will have gift cards for 1st and 2nd place! Plus this whole tournament will be on the big screen OUTSIDE with a full speaker system to accentuate the brutal action!

Call us at 210-366-4263 for more info or to sign up! All tournaments and events are FREE!

Come join us July 27th, 2012 at 11:30AM! Bring your friends!

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Thanks, and we hope to see you there!!