[Jul 27, 2012] SF3:3S - 3rd Ascension League: Danisen Battle #2 (Brooklyn, New York)


[July 27, 2012] 3rd Ascension League: Danisen Battle #2

Stream: http://www.twitch.tv/3rdascensionleague

Site: http://3rdascension.webs.com/

Event: We start at 6pm and go through a winner stays on format (exactly like casuals) and the rules for the Danisen are explained below and on the 3rd Ascension League website

Newcomers start off at 1st Dan.

  • Players generally fight against others of either the same rank or one rank above/below you in order to go up a rank.
  • One match won = +1 point, one match lost = -1 point. +3 points moves you up one rank, -3 points moves you down one rank.
  • The ranks are 1st to 10th Dan. Past 10th Dan are special ranks such as “Kyousha”(“strong man”).
  • Players past 10th Dan can only fight against others of the same rank. +5 points moves you up one rank, -3 points moves you down one rank.
  • Ranked players can play in other arcades with their rankings as is.
  • Players can register with more than one character under their name. (EX: Kuroda Q/ Kuroda Ken/ Kuroda Akuma)
    Example: Players register a character e.g. Kuroda enters Ryu, into the league. Starting at the bottom or 1st Dan, players then compete in a winner stays on system earning points. A win earns +1 point and a loss -1 point, when a player reaches +3 points they’re promoted to the next rank and visa versa -3 points a demotion. There are 10 ‘Dans’ or ‘Ranks’, upon reaching 10th Dan there are more special Dans to reach such as ‘Strong’, ‘Man of Valor’, ‘King’ plus a couple more, to reach these you need to earn +5 points for promotion but -3 points still leads to a demotion.

Location: Next Level

Venue: https://www.facebook.com/NextLevelArcade

Venue Fee: $10

Game: Street Fighter 3: Third Strike Online Edition

NOTE: There is NO FEE to play in any Danisen battles

(only tournaments, which are announced separately, have a $5 entry fee)

Console: we’ll be playing on ps3s or xboxs (there’s both so whichever is needed i believe we can use)

Feel free to bring your own crt’s, consoles, or sticks (controllers), it’ll allow us to do things smoother and possibly run other events later on in the night

Next Level Arcade, NYC
3rd Ascension League
The Players Discussion Thread
3rd Ascension League
NYC 3rd Strike
3rd Ascension League
NYC 3rd Strike
NYC 3rd Strike

Just a reminder for all 3s players, if you wish to bring your sticks, setups or anything please do, any help will be appreciated!

See you guys tomorrow!


Glad to hear these are going on. I’ll bring by a 360 Hard Drive with 3S:OE on it in case you guys need it. Thanks for putting this together, Nica.