[Jul 27, 2012] The Kumate #5 (KOF XIII) (Brooklyn NY)


The Kumate is a monthly KOF XIII tournament series hosted by Next Level.
Please be on time, if you cannot make it on time please call Next Level

Signups begin at 6 pm. Tournament starts at 8. Late slots are provided until the start of the 2nd round.

Stream Maybe

Xbox 360 Version will be used
No Wireless Controllers permitted
70/20/10 split
2/3 Double Elimination You have to lose 2 sets to be eliminated
Order can be changed freely.
Characters locked.
100$ Pot Bonus


Damn, $100 pb $eriou$ bu$ine$$

Oh, and please get Henry to stream this! lol


Big Bump


Is there a fb event? I’ll be there!



TS holding down the stream for this event. GET IT INNNNNN!!!


Oh you beat me to it nvm.


Ok so after watching the Kumate yesterday, East Coast’s skill level overall is shit & this needs to change ASAP. I’ll be moving back to Queens this Wednesday, so anyone who’s really trying to get better needs to post up on here & contact me because I know people, we all need some fire lit up under our asses because this play is so atrocious & some of the commentary does not help, giving misleading information to stream viewers who are interested in the game. Marco’s my boy & no bad blood to him, but he should not be winning that easily when Zidane/XAQ/RyRy (Who’s from VA) are not in attendance at all, so if you’re mad at me, good, then step your shit up. Also that’s not to say I don’t appreciate what people are doing but this scene here is so stagnant about actual progress, do you guys not care about losing to the same Month 2 shit, good god, anyway, I hope this helps.


lol dumba w/ thatrealtalk.

Anyway, bracket and vids are up now. There was no Results Thread for the event posted yet so I’m going to just leave these here for whomever decides to tackle that first.

http://challonge.com/kumate5 (full bracket)

[media=youtube]g98z4whsqC0[/media] (pt 1)

[media=youtube]AxULZ0vqx4s[/media] (pt 2)

[media=youtube]_SmgsLScO6E[/media] (pt 3)