[Jul 28, 2012] (FREE) Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Tournament (Oakland, CA)


Dear Shoryuken Community,

I’d like to announce a FREE UMVC3 Tournament Scheduled for July 28th, 2012. The tournament will be held at Madrid’s Café located at:

2001 Broadway
Oakland, CA 94612
(510) 271 – 0001

Registration will be held from 1:00PM – 1:59PM
Tournament begins at 2:00PM
Game**: Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3**

-Matches will be Best 2/3
-Double Elimination.
-Bring your own fight sticks.

-Challounge brackets will be used.
-Players will be randomly place into brackets.

*Free Play will be between the registration time so feel free to come early and warm up.
*Café has some decent dishes in case you get hungry!!
*Pool table available (Your expense)

-Prizes will be handed out after tournament.

1st - $250.00
2nd - $100.00
3rd - $50.00

As mentioned before we do have a walk in registration, however there is a 100 person cap due to size of the venue. Participants will be first come first served basis. Please feel free to register in advance by calling 1-888-539-2929.

UMVC3 Tournament $1500 grand prize!

Don’t forget, if you bought a ticket to their last tournament that they canceled, you get priority in this FREE tournament! =D


Fyi no one is answering your phone and my boy Dong Johnson is tyring to sign up =/


I like my cash hot guess I’ll gave to pass


Were you scared to post this in pacnorth? Don’t worry we won’t bite…

Besides. You’re not gonna get nearly as much exposure here compared to there.

Like I said before, this is a good first step in redeeming yourselves. But please address Spirit Juice’s concern in the other thread. Start off fresh.

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Reading that last thread made me really want some crab, or some sort of seafood. Just need to hold off until Thursday, my weekly sushi day.


I wanna go, but I don’t have a phone. Q.Q Can I still sign up? ~.~


I would still like to know why people were not offered refunds for “registering late” for the last tournament. No one answered my question with full transparency.


What happened?