[Jul 3, 2011] [JULY 3, 2011] Alex's Arcade SSF4 AE 3v3 tournament RESERVE NOW! (Santa Ana, CA)

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Sorry for the long wait, but we are back and ready to throw the biggest tournament Alex’s Arcade can offer.

3 - Man Team - This team consists of non-duplicate characters on a single team.
No: Yun, Yun, Yun

Pokemon Style - The teams will face and and eliminate their opponents team members, 1 by 1.
ABC vs. 123
A vs 1 - A wins
A vs 2 - 2 wins
B vs 2 - 2 wins
C vs 2 - C wins

2 out of 3 sets
The team that can eliminate it’s opponents 2/3 times first will proceed, while the losing team is eliminated/ sent to the losers bracket.

Pay out:
1st Place - 70% of pot
2nd Place - 30% of pot

I don’t think there should be a 3rd place pot… I’m sorry guys…

Set up:
For the most part AA has 2 AE set ups. So they will be used for sure, but the game will also be out for DLC. At this moment I do not want say we won’t be using consoles, so I advice everyone to bring their fight sticks, regardless of which console will be used.

BYOC - Bring Your Own Controller, is what is what I mean.

The tournament will start at 1PM.
Come early!!!

As of now I will reserve atleast 16 spots, if enough teams reserve I’ll open more spots up.
I will also take in early registrations the day of starting at 12 PM.

Buy in:
5$ venue fee (per team)
15$ entry fee (per team)


626 S Harbor Blvd
Santa Ana, CA 92704
(714) 775-7764.

Reserved Teams

I’m going have 16 spots open.

First come first serve.

  1. We Hate Hong Kong
  2. Team “Duhrippin Dat Chawklit Sauwsss”
  3. Team Divinity 2.0
  4. Team Irish Wristwatch
  5. Team Ha Long Bay
  6. Team DAT DUH
  7. Team QT’s Always Nguyen
  8. Team TMG
  9. Team Everyone Loves Nam <3
  10. Team The McRib Is Back

need teammates.


Team “Duhrippin Dat Chawklit Sauwsss”




Don’t forget to post up after watching the great streams this weekend.


Alex’s arcade? As in Alex mothafuckin’ Tan? Don’t tell me my nigga got his own arcade… cuz if he did… xD We gotta play Guilty Gear for sure now. HE’S BEEN SANDBAGGING ME!




budump a dump

Team Divinity 2.0



Team Irish Wristwatch

Team Ha Long Bay