[Jul 30, 2011] Arcade Legacy ROCKET PUNCH 2 *7-30-11* MvC3, SSFIVAE, MK, VS, ST,... (Cincinnati, OH)

So not all of us can afford to or have the time to get out Las Vegas for EVO this year (especially those on the East coast). Instead of sitting at home watching the stream on your computer, I offer this tournament and EVO stream viewing event (on a 120" HD screen no less!). A surprising number of people showed up last year so hopefully we can keep that going. The live stream was very hype and a nice way to relax between matches. Most of you already know this, but for those who haven’t been out to AL yet, your admission to any tournament at Arcade Legacy includes FREE PLAY on all of the 40+ arcade games and pinballs in the building! For this tournament, I am offering you all the option to come Friday, Saturday and Sunday all for just the normal one day admission price! Main tournaments will only be run on Saturday, but it will cost you no extra to come play all weekend long. $10 covers your entry for all three days. If enough people show up on either Friday or Sunday as well, we could definitely run some more smaller tournaments.

RESULTS - Rocket Punch 2 RESULTS Cincy, OHIO 7-30-2011

When: July 30th, 2011
Doors open at 10am. Registration closes 10 minutes before each game is scheduled to start. The arcade closes when we are done, which should be by 1am

Arcade Legacy
322 W. Crescentville Rd
Cincinnati, OH 45246

www.arcadelegacyohio.com for directions and any other info you need

Tournament pot split is 70/20/10. Pot bonuses for any game that gets more than 40 entrants! Double elimination. All games on PS3 except those not available on the system (i.e. Naruto games). We will also probably have MvC3 with a couple xbox 360 setups as there are many who prefer it. The default system will be PS3 though. Of course this is a BYOC event, but do I have nice sticks and controllers for all systems that are available for anyone to use.

Super Street Fighter IV AE (PS3) – $10 entry (1pm)

Naruto Clash of Ninja Revolution 3 (Wii) – $10 entry (1 pm)

Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo (Arcade on head to head cabinets) – $5 entry (1pm)

BlazBlue Continuum Shift II (PS3) – $10 entry (2pm)

NBA Jam 2v2 (arcade) – $5 per person (3pm)

Marvel vs Capcom 3 (PS3) – $10 entry (3pm)

Vampire Savior (arcade on head to head cabinets) – $5 entry (5pm or after ST is finished)

Mortal Kombat 9 (PS3) – $10 entry (5pm)

Naruto GNT 4 (GC) – $10 entry (6pm or after CNR3 is done)

Marvel vs Capcom 2 (DC) – $5 (6pm)

Please try to make it to register 30 minutes before start time. If you know you will be late, call the arcade (513-874-8766) or someone who is there so you can get me (Jesse) the message. You can certainly pre-reg in person or by calling the arcade if you feel the need.

Rules: (all games are double elimination and best 2/3 until winners, losers and grand finals which will be 3/5)

Naruto Clash of Ninja Revolution 3–
3/5 Rounds
2/3 Matches
3/5 Matches (Winner’s, Loser’s, Grand Finals)
90 Second Time
Damage Setting - 1
Stage Transitions - OFF
Obstacles - OFF
Winner keeps character, loser may change Stage or Character, but NEVER both.
All Controller Set Ups Allowed!

Any Glitch that causes Irregular Game Play is Banned!
Wiimote Power up is Banned!
Hand Signs are Banned!
Kiba is Banned!

Naruto GNT 4–

  • 3/5 Rounds
  • 2/3 matches winners/losers - bracket
  • 3/5 matches winners/losers/grand - finals (no exceptions)
  • Default Time
  • Damage Setting 2
  • Stage is always random, unless both players agree.
  • Bath house stage is BANNED
  • Winner keeps character, loser may Stage or Character, but NEVER both.
  • Akamaru and Karasu are BANNED

MK9 - Kratos is banned

SETUPS NEEDED. Anyone providing a setup will receive half off admission and a free beverage! Post up if you can definitely provide a setup (or two). Priority to those bringing multiple setups.
PS3 -
PS3 -
PS3 with SSFIVAE - Riot Guard
PS3 with MvC3 and AE - Osirun
PS3 with MvC3 - RadicaEdward101
PS3 with MvC3 -
PS3 with MK9 - GZ-Matthias
PS3 with MK9 - Arkayne
PS3 with BBCS2 - Fleshpounder
Wii with Naruto - Schnets
GC with Naruto - Schnets

RAFFLE!!! There will be some raffle prizes given out on Saturday. Everyone who comes gets a ticket.

Raffle!!! :smiley:

See everyone there.

EDIT: I will have a PS3 with all applicable games and DLC.

YEAA!! Rocket Punch 2 and this tyme Sentinel IS in attendance!

Mark me down for providing my BBCS2 setup (with all character DLC).

Looking forward to it!

Gonna try and make this. Also cross-posted on Homing Cancel, maybe we can get an AH3 tourney as well?

Kyle, I certainly don’t mind if you want to run AH3. There should be a couple extra stations at some point during the day.

If I can find someone to lend me a good PS3 MVC3 stick and can get the day off (that part shouldn’t be much of a problem) I’ll attend.

nba jam! im down for that alone. ill be play that and marvel 3 and…that’s it just those to games actually.

I should be able to make it to this too. Should be fun. Probably just be doing Mortal Kombat again though.


I’m in.

christ, no

I will be here for this.

Sign me up for ST and VS

Still in need of people to bring setups. Please post up if you can bring anything on the list in the OP.

I will volunteer a PS3 with MvC3 complete with tentacles and that weird possessed girl.

I have absolutely no idea where my copy of MvC3 is tho. I guess I have most of the month left to find it.

FYI: I don’t play MvC3. You know that thing where they say “people don’t know what they want.” I can point to a large number of my current possessions as proof of that.

If all the slots fill and someone else would rather get the half price admission and free drink by lugging their stuff, I will gladly give them my spot.

Finally: Jesse, can I drop off the PS3 the Thursday before? That will give me two opportunities to remember to bring it + If I oversleep it won’t be a big deal.

Thanks Ed. Do you have any downloaded content for any of the games?

For MvC3:
Tentacles = Shuma Gorath
That Weird Possessed Girl = Jill Valentine
I guess my lame joke was a miss. lol sorry

So essentially I have the character dlc for MvC3 but not the costumes. I’ll have to run the game over network once to get the balance patch.

I have never owned SSFIV or MK9 so I don’t have any of the dlc for those. I own BBCS but I don’t have any of the dlc for it (I didn’t mention it cause I don’t have BBCS2 dlc). I also don’t have either of the Naruto games (no offense intended toward anyone who does).

I can also offer up my ST arcade board if you have a place to put it for that tourny, but I would imagine 1 H2H cab set will be enough to get it done quickly.

I just noticed this -> Why are we playing MvC2 on DC if you have a copy of the arcade version?

Sounds good. I don’t think we will need the ST board. I suppose you could bring it just in case.

Most people are not keen on playing MVC2 on the arcade version as they have played their whole lives on the DC with a pad or sticks. When there is money involved, it goes down on the DC version.

I can bring an Xbox 360 with MvC3 and SSFIVAE. I’m about 80% sure I’ll be there on Saturday.

I can bring a Wii and Naruto Clash of Ninja Revolution 3, as well as a TV if needed.

Also, theres someone who might be able to stream a setup. Would he have permission to stream, provided there’s enough bandwidth?

We will be watching the EVO stream and so will everyone else in the world who is interested in fighting games. There is no need to stream this event. Otherwise I’d certainly be streaming it. Thanks for the setup.

@Sixfortyfive - Please do bring the setup if you come. We may not end up using it if we get enough PS3s but it would be nice to have just in case.