[Jul 30, 2011] Combo Executions 2 (Bronx, New York)

Hey ladies and Gents,

Well it’s that time again spread the word MVC3 CE2 last event was fun and some great talent was unleashed this time will surely supersede the last event. I will be your host we will be playing with dual flat screens event will be recorded 10$ entry fee 10$ to play each game .1st place 70% 2nd place 20% 3rd place 10% cash payout. There will be a winners and losers bracket matches will start best out of 3 winner and losers final will be best out of 5. Grand final winners bracket player will only have to win 3 matches if loser beats winner it will cause a reset giving the losers bracket winner a chance. In total loser will have to win 6 matches to become CE2 champion. We will be playing SSF4 A.E as well as MVC3 on the PS3 console i would strongly recommend for efficient game play that you bring your own controller there will be house controllers if you don’t bring your own and 1 fight stick. Bring your best show lets have a MARVEL TIME!

how many people are you expecting and can people come earlier for warm ups?

should be about 20 heads tourny should start around 8 the latest mostly mvc3 players you can arrive as early as 6:30 to do casuals.

if you know anyone else interested bring them.