[Jul 30, 2011] Destructive World Gaming LLC & Kick-Punch-Block! Presents The... (New York, NY)



Game: Super Street Fighter 4 AE Tournament. XBOX 360 consoles. 32 player maximum bracket. (PLEASE BE ON TIME! Tournament starts promptly @ 2PM! Register early @ Clear Wireless. 152 Dyckman Street (BTW. Sherman & Post Avenues) New York, NY 10040

Time: 2PM-8PM (Casuals possibly beforehand, TBA)

Location: 152 Dyckman Street (BTW. Sherman & Post Avenues) New York, 10040

Fee: $20 ($10 Pot/$10 Venue)

Rules: Double elimination bracket. 2 out of 3 matches/set. Winner’s Finals, Loser’s Finals & Grand Finals 3 out of 5 matches/set. (Winner of Loser’s bracket has to win 2 sets against winner of Winner’s bracket to win 1st Place) Only loser of match can and may choose to return to character select and choose another character at the end of each match. Pressing start or the Xbox Guide Button during play will result in the forfeiture of the current match unless agreed upon to continue play by both entrants. PLEASE BYOC! (Bring your own controller) There will not be extra controllers on site!

Prizes: Pot split 70/30 for 1st & 2nd place finishers respectively.

Tournament will be streamed. Stream URL: http://goo.gl/LN3do Streaming will be provided by XUpYourGameX www.up-your-game.com

For more information, contact Rich @ DWG (917-376-9556) or info@kick-punch-block.com

So you think you got game??


This information may be in the picture that fails to load for me, but what game is this for?


Sorry. SRK wouldn’t let me update and edit since Yesterday. SSFIV: AE.


We’re working out some last minute conflicts to have our event streamed by bifuteki.com. If you’re not doing anything, please come check us out. Kick-Punch-Block is a new group on the scene just trying to do our part to help our community thrive.

KPB Roddyness: @roddyness (Twitter)
kick-punch-block.com (In Progress)
@kickpunchblock (Twitter)


Updated info: Stream will be provided by www.up-your-game.com


Stream link is http://goo.gl/LN3do

Should be up and running by start of tournament.


Who won and how was the turnout?


Yeah, I was curious about this too. I was going to go, but I got up late that day. =)


Sorry for the late reply. Was on vacation.

EMP Hiro took first and TPH Lionheart took second.

Notes: DMG Insayne was in 3rd. A 14-year old boy from Yonkers named ARD Native Impact who played T-Hawk and had an epic loser’s semi with Insayne using Hakan vs. Insayne’s Blanka took fourth. He lost by a thread to Insayne.

It wasn’t a big turnout, considering it was EVO weekend so I changed the rules to a round robin format and made a final four with the top 4 records. Everyone had a real blast and it had a huge tourney feel when passerby came to watch. ESPECIALLY during the Hakan/Blanka match. So epic. I can link it by request.