[Jul 31, 2011] Console Combat Bi-Monthly gathering and tournament season 1.... (Parma, OH)


July 31st, 2011

130 pm until whenever (9ish), $5 venue fee and food (please)

Kick off for our Mid West tournament season!
Mk9,AE, Super Turbo Start Times around 4-5 pm

Chance to win any new Xbox 360 game! Your Choice! Just for showing up. (this is not the only give-a-way… others include Microsoft Points, Game updates, food, cash, et cetera.)

EVO Weekend: For those who do not go to Vegas…we will have the live stream on the projector . You can stay as late as you want to watch EVO.

Information on the tournaments!
$4 entry fee for all events!
Every tournament’s payout/points schedule is as followed
1st 16 points
2nd 8 points
3rd 4 points
4th and 5th place 2 points
6th and 7th place 1 point
Points will go toward seeding the finale in January 2012

1-8 players entered: 1st $7
8-16 players entered: 1st $10 in addition to points, 2nd $4.
17-32 players entered: 1st $20 in addition to points, 2nd $4.
33-64 players entered: 1st $40 in addition to points, 2nd $10

All $money$ will go to providing pot bonus for finale in January. Console Combat will match pot bonus earned from qualifiers. So if we eard $500 from qualifiers… the pot bones will be $1000

The January finale will be $10 entry fee for all games. Pot bonus, as described above, will go to the winner.

Players will be seeded based on their earned seeding points. To participate in finale, players must have participated in one qualifying event for the game they want to enter (subject to change).

The Games!
Super Street Fighter 4 AE
Marvel vs Capcom 3
Street Fighter II: Super Turbo
Street Fight III: 3rd Strike
Tekken 6
Mortal Kombat 9
Please see Calender of events for Dates!

Please RSVP and message PLAYING TO W1N or call 216 469 4002 for details.


I’m gonna be there. I doubt I’ll enter anything since I don’t play any of the those games but I’ll be there for casuals.


nice… what do you play?


MvC3(which I’ll be most likely be entering on the 7th) and Blazblue.

BTW, you should also make it so you can RSVP, its disabled.


Hey guys I’m new to all this, do I have to RSVP to play in the tourney or can I just show up?


You can just show up. P2W Usually is pretty callous about people just coming on down to play. Speaking of which, I can’t wait to come tomorrow, it’s gona be a sweet set of games.