[Jul 5, 2011] BBQ, SSF4 AE, MvC3 casuals/tournament (Freeport ny)

July 2 2011 (saturday) BBQ/casuals/tournament

10$ per person (covers food,drinks for the day) Tournament(xbox 360) BYOJ

SSF4 AE-$10 starts at 6pm MVC3 -$10 starts at 5pm

Grill will start at 2pm Casuals 12pm

Location freeport ny

Last year was good ,this year should be even better …if u havent seen the last year pics look on my fb page …should be double or more ppl this year…GET HYPE

Alot of ppl have gotten alot better So im lookn to see u guys there…

Any questions gimme a call 5162557081-Cap

Bump!! Hopefully alot people show up for this event!!!

i’ll come to this.

I would like see 30+ this week…oldblaine have we met b4?jus curious…

i cant find your facebook page

capcoms hero