[Jul 5, 2011] Q&A present: [NCBC] North Carolina Battle Coliseum weekly's @ CFG (Wilmington, NC)


Tekken 6
entry fee: $5
game version: Playstation 3
game settings: versus mode, default time
2/3 rounds, 2/3 games, double elimination
winners/losers/grand finals: 3/5

Things are coming along…

Count me in. I should be able to bring some people too.

Posted this in the NC thread a couple days ago but got bottom-paged.

Since I will be with relatives in Wilmington all of next week, I will make it out next Tuesday. If it’s fine I can bring my 360 w/ my 24" Viewsonic TN panel and AE for another casuals setup. If not, I can bring some AV cables to just have an extra console. Also, does anyone do weekly sessions in Wilmington?

Hey is it okay if I bring in another system for some casuals? I’ve got a 360 and a 20" orion crt that’s been good to me forever, as well as a dreamcast a friend is letting me borrow with cvs2 and a bunch of other shit.

smdude, that works man - thanks. Honestly, being that this is just our second one, the turnout may be small again. You have to start somewhere though, and we defintiely appreciate the support of all of you guys. This is sort of our weekly session which is why we’re going to be running with roughly two hours of casuals before the tournament. If we finish early, casuals after are possible as well. Most of the guys who can host stay pretty busy; do you come through often?

bloodabeast, the setup from smdude will make 4, and that will more or less fill up the room and equipment we need. thanks though.

okay good that just means less effort from me! :smiley:

Man you need to gather those locals that Q and myself have never met! …and show up! …and have money for the tournaments…

Yea, I don’t mind the turnout but I will definitely enter AE. I figured I’d go because I’m down for vacation anyway and really just want to get some games in. Also, I’m Matt, the guy who came up with Garret and Sam and stayed with you in the hotel before November Lucky’s, lol.

edit: oh yea, I’m home in Lumberton but move back to Raleigh in three weeks, but grad school doesnt start until mid-August and I will have a lot of free time this semester so I’ll probably make it down to more of these, especially if they start taking off.

Dean you’ve met once before, Roski. He works from 7pm-11pm and he refuses to come before then. It’s all good though since I got my friend Junior to go.

Yeah I’m definitely coming on the 5th as it is something I don’t want to miss out on.

Tell everyone you know who’s even remotely interested. These things will continue as long as we get enough participants. GROW THE SCENEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Oh and I suggest all you locals to pick up Arcade Edition. Marvel isn’t as solid and it won’t teach you near the fundamentals that SF will.

Would it be alright to run tekken on ps3? I know a lot of people will be sad if its on 360. I can provide said ps3 as well.

But it’s not as HYPE.

Yeah my bad man, I copied/pasted the info for Tekken and forgot to change it to PS3.

Yo, I should be out there with my setup around four, lookin forward to the hype.

TOMORROW. To fuel the added drive of the locals and for the local scene’s growth…we’re starting something new beginning tomorrow…

To all Wilmington locals: beat me in a 2/3 set in either Marvel or AE and I will give you $5. Challenge me as many times as you want, and I’ll pay you every set you win. If you lose, we shake hands and move on. You don’t have to put up any of your own money, period. TAKE MY MONEY

This will be a permanent feature at NCBC until some locals are able to consistently beat me. TELL YOUR FRIENDS!

Boss Battle results? Can anyone defeat me?

RESULTS - NCBC @ CFG Results - July 5th, 2011 - Wilmington, NC

Weekly Number 3 - [Jul 11, 2011] Q&A present: [NCBC] North Carolina Battle Coliseum weekly's @ CFG (Wilmington, NC)


Man I did not know wilmington had a scene. I just moved out of the NC area. Have you guys try to get some Jacksonville people there? I know there alot of guys who play street fighter and tekken in that area.

Gamer Daddy, please post in the new thread - tournament tomorrow!