[Jul 8] CrossXover Japan Relief Charity tournament (AE, Brawl, Marvel, Melee) (Vancouver, Surrey)

DATE: July 8 and 9

**LOCATION: ** SFU Surrey Campus Dale B. Regehr Grand Hall

250 - 13450 102nd Avenue, Surrey, V3T0A3 , Vancouver, BC, Canada

Stream: justin.tv/canadianjoysticks

Marvel 3 (PS3) Teams and Singles
SSFIV AE (PS3) - Singles
Brawl (Wii)
Melee (Wii)

**These are fan run if there is enough people
Street Fighter III Third Strike
BlazeBlu Continuum Shift 2

SSFIV AE: 1st - Qanba Q4 RAF stick, SSFIV Dogtag
2nd - GameCube System with CvsSNK2 EO
3rd - Basket filled with salty goodies

Brawl: WaveBird Controller and copy of Sonic Adventure 2 Battle

Marvel: Pending, can expect some hefty gift cards and some games


We have setup a web portal with the Canadian Red Cross. Please visit it if you wish to provide additional donations.


At the door: $15 venue fee/ $10 Tournament fee
Pre-registered: $10 venue fee/ $5 Tournament fee

  • for both days the venue fee is only paid once, we’ll provide receipts. AE and Brawl however are separate fees. So you have to pay twice if you want to enter both.

-Since this is a charity event, we’ll be asking around for any extra donations, but of course it’s not mandatory.

**new official schedule

12:30pm - 4:00pm: Marvel Teams
4:00pm - 8:00pm: Marvel Singles and Melee

Friday ends

Saturday: *Friday carry overs if needed.
1:00pm - 6:00pm: AE Singles and Brawl

**Top 3 of Marvel and AE will be seeded at Marvel Throwdown

(PS3) Marvel 3 and SSFIV AE

double elimination tournament

2 out of 3 games per match
3 out of 5 games grand finals

CrossXover, LowermainLan, IRLEvents

Welcome to the first event from CrossXover! This event has been months in the making and we plan to hold a number of more timely events in the future, look forward to hearing a lot more from us in the future!

Pre-register by emailing crossXoverSFU@gmail.com with CrossXover Registration in the subject line or write on CrossXover Japan Relief’s wall on Facebook. Provide your name, Preferred handle and which tournaments you will be registering for.
Sign up sheets have been placed at 786 Game Stop in Central City and both Game Deals stores in New West and Gastown, ask for it. The sheets will be checked every 2 weeks starting on June 6, so expect that long for confirmation.

The event is to be held on Friday July 8 and Saturday July 9. Registration for the main event on both days starts at 11:00 am but doesn’t end when the first event starts. So as long as you register before your desired event, it’s all good!

CrossXover Japan Relief is a charity tournament with the proceeds going directly to Japan disaster relief fund. Though that isn’t to say there will be a lack of awesome prizes.

Getting there: Skytrain is the easiest and probably most cost effective way. Simply Skytrain to Surrey Central Station, get off and head across the bus loop towards Central City Mall. Head up the stairs then turn right and follow the stairs up. The big podium is where the event is held. The mall only has 3 hour parking so those coming via car have to move their cars every 3 hours.

Shout outs to our Sponsors:

Canadian Joysticks. Canada’s official supplier of Qanba fightsticks. Visit them at http://canadianjoysticks.com/. In Canada, this is where you should go for high quality sticks. They have TEs but their flagship products are their Qanba sticks which are better. They also sell spare parts. Their catalog changes regularly so be sure to check back often!

LML LowerMainLan for providing us with the equipment. They are an organization whom helps organize and sponsor gaming events of all kinds throughout Vancouver. So if you need help with your gaming events, give them a call. http://www.lowermainlan.com/
Also they are the ones i charge of Lancouver, Vancouver’s largest gaming event. Be sure to check it out and register at http://www.lowermainlan.com/lancouver/2011/

IRLEvents they are a sister group of LML. They also help organize and promote all types of geek events in the lower main land. http://irlevents.com/

786 GameStop. A local game shop located inside Surrey Central Mall. They have a huge selection of used games but they also have old rare gems such as Super Street Fighter II (SNES), Arcana Heart (PS2), Yakuza 2 (PS2), Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max (PSP) and much more.

Game Deals Video Games. The best local game store in Vancouver. They have huge selection of games, consoles and accessories at reasonable prices. Your best bet for rare gems and maybe even imports. http://www.gamedeals.ca/

Here are the links to CrossXovers’ Facebook, Twitter and Website:

CrossXover Facebook Page: tinyurl.com/crossXoverSFU

CrossXover Japan Relief Event Page: tinyurl.com/crossXoverJapanRelief

CrossXover Website: tinyurl.com/crossXover

CrossXover Twitter: @CrossXoverSFU

Why would you have a tournament start on a work day at 1:00pm…?

who the fuck is crossoverx


Venue complications, We were notified late into the process about additional costs if we held it on a Saturday.

and thanks for bringing up that point, perhaps 3:00 pm would be a better time, even though we do realize Friday ain’t the best day.

we’re new, just started up

doesn’t help, have you come to VSB?

yup been there, we’ve just started a month ago so no one should know us yet

who’s we. You’re not really answering my question. lol

best answer I can give you right now is CrossXover is a bunch of nobodies we’re not an official organization, not yet anyways, it’s just a group name which makes it more convenient for our sponsors to advertise us.

A few questions from me:

  • Why is this tournament running for 2 days? Is it because of Brawl and casuals for other games? Or is SSFIVAE going to be on both days as well?

  • How many people have pre-reg’d so far?

The main reason this is 2 days was in case SSFIV AE didn’t finish in time. The venue was very strict and clear about a 8:00pm curfew so we booked the Saturday in case AE didn’t finish, and it also allows us to do more events like Marvel as we’ve been asked. Spare time will be for casuals or possibly other tournaments.

As for pre-regs we have 5 via email so far, we haven’t checked the sign up sheets at 786 Game Stop or both Game Deals and also not counting Facebook.

Ahh, I see. Thanks for the quick reply.

In that case, I think 1:00pm would be better. 3:00pm-8:00pm seems like it would be too short… I guess it depends on the turnout. I mean, if it’s 3:00pm-8:00pm Fri, then 1:00pm-8:00pm Sat, then you’re sure to be able to finish the main events.

I might attend. That’s if I can get those days off. I hope this will be a huge success. I also hope there’ll be a decent turnout for other games; namely 3S and BBCS2.

Brutal dates for me, or else I’d love to come.

Out of town that weekend. Hope things go well, though.

Thanks for the input but unfortunately we can only go till 3:00pm on Sat so we’re very nervous about switching it to 3:00pm or even 4:00pm on th Friday. One solution could be to run teams 1:00pm - 4:00pm and then let singles go on later but we’ll have to see. What CrossXover hopes to do is host other games that isn’t SFIV because Van Street is doing a great job.

Hope to see you there!

we are pleased to announce that we were given an extra 3 hours on the venue on Saturday. The result is we are going SSFIV AE to the Saturday at 1:00pm. The new schedule is:

12:30pm - 4:00pm: Marvel Teams
4:00pm - 8:00pm: Marvel Singles and Melee

-Friday ends

Saturday: *Friday carry overs if needed.
1:00pm - 6:00pm: AE Singles and Brawl

I’ll be there for the Saturday.

May I ask which events so I can pre-register ya?

Are spectators allowed? Must they pay?