[Jul 9, 2011] Elite Zone Monthly (Fayetteville, NC)

Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition

  1. Steve H
  2. FR l Druseph
  3. FR l ATL_Redd
  4. Rugal B
  5. Raf
  6. Jibbo
  7. Knuckledust
  8. Jabroni Kenshin

Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds

  1. Steve H
  2. FR l TooMuchDamage
  3. Corner-Trap
  4. xS A M U R A Ix
  5. FR l ATL_Redd
  6. Duo Prime
  7. Kevin Bacon
  8. DamagePoints

Tekken 6

  1. FR l ATL_Redd
  2. Ando
  3. TCO
  4. 7thFonon
  5. SmallWonder
  6. Cain
  7. SonGohanX
  8. BGS

Mortal Kombat

  1. FR l ATL_Redd
  2. xS A M U R A Ix
  3. SonGohanX
  4. Kain
  5. Frank the Tank
  6. Dr.Hat
  7. Orochi_Negro
  8. Ando

BlazBlue Continuum Shift 2

  1. MadTeaParty
  2. Zoogstin
  3. Lockhart
  4. Frank the Tank
  5. Eskay
  6. Kimchi
  7. Impostor Marine

Arcana Heart 3

  1. 7thFonon
  2. Longshot
  3. purifyweirdsoul
  4. Return of Shiki
  5. Alice-chan
  6. Jaguar131
  7. ShinsoBEAM!
  8. Irish Bear

Street Fighter 3: Third Strike

  1. Knuckledust
  2. Jibbo
  3. Face
  4. Th 18th Letter
  5. Ghibli Cat
  6. MadTeaParty
  7. Smokin Jo
  8. FR l Druseph

Guilty Gear XX Λ Core

  1. MadTeaParty
  2. Zoogstin
  3. Frank the Tank
  4. purifyweirdsoul
  5. David Goins
  6. Smokin Jo
  7. Lo Nigma
  8. RPGKing4

This is funny, two MD smash players went to NC this weekend and got 1st in teams and 1/2 in singles. Good stuff MD/VA, and especially Steve H/Rugal.

GGs to everyone that came from out of state and thanks for supporting the scene!

Time to train harder… can’t let NC get bodied next time lol

Shout-outs to Corner-Trap, Jabroni Kenshin and everyone else for running the tournament and doing one HELL of a job promoting it. The venue was way better than I expected, got a ton of casuals in and appreciate the support for AH3. With amount of games ran and number of entrants, this was definitely a test in time management.

@ Corner-Trap: Like we talked about at EZ last night, other than running two main games along side each other first and having more setups (at least 3 each for both games), there wasn’t much else you could have done to run the tournament any smoother. It will take more of a community effort, with more people bringing setups to make that possible.

GOOOOOD SHIT. Knuckledust, AutoMattock, Face, Rob - good fucking games, if 3s OE is everything I hope it is, I will be on that and I need to play you guys some more. EZ was cool, had a great time.

Raf was mad close to gettin’ paid :lol:

always nice getting to travel and play against outside competition - Overall I enjoyed this tournament, had alotta fun, GGs NC and MD in AE, hope to see some of your faces again at Evolution - lol, I forgot NC still played 3S “like that”, glad you guys still keep it solid in that game - I enjoyed watching the finals and am always down to support this game - hopefully when online edition comes out the hype will come back even stronger

Had a lot of fun playing people. Was a great turnout. Will (Corner-Trap), you did a great job running this. I have absolutely no doubt you’ll continue to improve. Keep it up.

And yes, very good shit to Will for running these. All the NC players really appreciate this stuff =)

Good shit to NC for a great tournament. Cornertrap good shit for running things and keeping it all together.

Good games to everyone I played in casuals and good shit to atl

NC has a good thing going with this. Venue is gdlk

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Had a good time at this tournament. I can say with out a doubt I learned alot from this experience. I will be more prepared next time. Good games to everyone I played in casuals and tournament alike. Kudos to corner trap and Steve H for taking my money in mvc3 mms. Kudos to jon for taking 10 of said dollars from CT in the final mm of the day and taking me out in tournament. I will be playing multiple games at the next tournament so I dont have to wait around all day for marvel to start and so i can enter more stuff. Good tournament cant wait for the next one.

Great tournament, myself and the Florence SC crowd really enjoyed ourselves. We were definitely hoping the MvC tourney would have started much earlier, since we got there at 1 and had to wait until around 10-11 to start playing, but I’m sure that the tourneys will be much more streamlined from now on since the venue now knows how many people to expect. I’d definitely go to another tourney at this venue.

Btw, I wasn’t paying much attention to T6 since it’s not really my game, what happened that would cause a disqualification?

Shout outs to Eddie, Coos, Star Wars Guy, Samurai X and anyone else I got to play casuals in Marvel.

Also, shoutouts to Star Wars guy, for opening Darth Vader up and taking Force Unleashed 2 after playing it all day. Venue was definitely awesome.

Finally, as an outsider looking in, unfortunately, this tournament was run poorly. Now maybe you NC people don’t mind if shit doesn’t start until 11pm and shit, but I’m sorry. it was run fucking awful.

On several occasions, setups were being convoluted during the tournament by casual play, and none of that shit was being used for tournament matches. Also, it was bullshit that the brackets stopped completely during SSF4AE grand finals. Normally, At any other tournament, I wouldn’t give a fuck because I know people want to watch Grand Finals. But seriously, Marvel started so goddamn late.

Now I travel pretty consistently. I go to many out of state tournaments. I might not be constantly traveling, but even the last ATL Revival ran relatively smoothly and on time. This has been the most sloppily organized tournament I’ve been to. Shit is unacceptable, and I’m sorry but somebody had to be vocal and say some shit because I know some people in here aren’t going to open their mouths out of respect.

And I don’t mean to offend, but this tournament was ran like ass. the Venue, the people, and everything else was cool. But I dont think I’ll go to another fayetteville tournament if the organizers will continue to run their shit like this. It may not be a big deal to other NC folks, but if you want to pull more out of state people that have to drive 2 and a half + hours to attend, you’ll have to step your shit up. I know running a tournament isn’t easy, but this is unacceptable. Step this shit up, thanks.

Hold on wait… I got this one… re-editing this post:


Pretty self explanatory lol

I already explained the situation to Lei Hates, I don’t feel like reiterating myself. I’ll go PM him to see if he doesn’t mind if I simply repost our entire conversation in this thread so people better understand what happened.

Now let me say from personal experience I know how hard it is to run your first tournament, and in this case with 98 people showing up I can say it’s fair that the turnout was actually bigger than to be expected.
Also, I have the utmost respect for Corner Trap, Kevin, and the Fayetteville crew, and overall I’d say I had a lot of fun despite playing like shit all day, even in casuals.

However, the fact that my first match in Marvel was played at 11PM is pretty unacceptable, no matter the circumstance.
I have no problem with venue–space wasn’t the problem for the delays in the tournament, and the staff was cordial, so like Simplekiss I can say have no personal problem with the venue or the people. It simply seems the scheduling needs a little work.

Minor tournaments with less than 10 entrants don’t need more than 1 TV. Period.
If MK/Tekken are run only on PS3 and Marvel/SF4 are run only on 360, there is absolutely no reason why a 360 major and a PS3 major should not be run concurrently if you have the set-ups for it.
There is very little overlap between say…the Marvel community and the Tekken community for example, and there is no reason to hold off having both at the same just because 3-4 people might be entering both at the same time. Many players enter multiple games at tournaments. Quite a few players earn MONEY from multiple games at tournaments. The point is, those players are used to having many games on their plate at once. It’s THEIR responsibility to make sure they are able to play multiple games at once, not the TOs’.

However, I would definitely come to another tournament, I think with experience those problems can be ironed out.

Someone post the vid Of the rager letting out that primal screeeeeaaaaam

The tournament was a high and a low for me. There was a lot of good and a lot of bad. I just need to keep the good and remove the bad, in other words I’m treating this tournament as a learning experience. I know a lot of people said it was a good tournament but I’m a pessimistic person so the people who said it was bad stick out more to me.

shrug I’m certainly not an optimist, either, but you should take any complaints as simply constructive criticism.

Don’t stress it man, we learn from our mistakes. It’s not like there’s a tournament running guide out there, and you’d never had that many people at the venue. Just learn from the mistakes and prove the haters wrong next time :tup: