[Jul 9, 2011] [Jun 18] Vampire Savior Danisen (GGPO) (GGPO)

Howdy Folks!

The Vampire Savior community will be holding it’s weekly Danisen ranking battles this weekend

When: 6:00 PM EST
**Where: **GGPO

WTF is a Danisen?: A danisen is a ranking battle of sorts where all members are assigned a “rank” starting at 1st Dan with that specific character. If you enter another Danisen with a different character, then that character starts at 1st Dan. The matches are played as a hybrid “winner stays on”/ round robin style. Single matches. If you win, you get +1 point. Subsequently, if you lose then you get -1 point. +3 points will rank you up into the next Dan rank. -3 will demote you to the previous rank. If you level up within that Danisen, then you are finished for the week. To keep the skill levels somewhat balanced, only those who are within one Dan Rank of each other are allowed to play each other.

What if I just want to watch?: Well! There’s two ways to catch Danisen battles:

  1. Spectate on GGPO
  2. Catch us on Justin.tv/dirtyberet!, the official Vampire Savior Stream!

How do I get on GGPO?

GGPO.net has all the details you need to get the program going.