[Jul 9, 2011] Super SF4 AE Tournament (S. Seattle) @ Gamebreakerz (Auburn, WA)

Super SF4 AE (Xbox 360)
$15 entry ($5 Towards Venue)
double elimination tournament
2 out of 3 games per match
3 out of 5 games for Winner’s + Loser’s + Grand Finals (subject to change)

Minimum Required Participation (10 Registered Players)

1st Place Price = 60% of Entry Fees + Gamecom X95 Wireless Headset
2nd Place Prize = 40% of Entry fees + $30 GBZ Gift Card

Controller/Stick Problems:

You are required to button check before your match. There are no excuses. The LS/RS excuse will not fly. If you have any stick/button problems at anytime during your match, its your problem, its your job to make sure your stick is reliable. The round will be played to conclusion and you will get a chance to fix your buttons or replace your stick next round.

Event Notes: This event will take place during the all-night lan party on July 9th-10th at GBZ. There will be Pizza provided at this event by Gamebreakerz. In addition there will be hourly raffle prizes and give-aways totalling $1000 worth of gaming gear.

Players are asked to register early for this event in order to accurately predict prize money payout. Spectators/Friends are allowed to attend this event however there will be a $5 General admission fee charged.

Sorry about the double-posting. Still kind of new to the forums. We look forward to seeing what the South End has to offer.