[Jul 9, 2011] Tallahassee FL July 9th Summer Beatdown! MvC3 MK9 SF4AE (Tallahassee, FL)

Saturday July 9th, Tallahassee FL, 8 monitors in use at Gamescape | Facebook

Tourney sign ups from 12-1pm

All tourneys will be run on 360. Bring your own controllers. Systems will be supplied by the venue. We will need extra copies of the games.

Venue fee - 2 bucks for the whole tourney
Entry fee per game - 10 bucks
For each game 1st place gets 70% - 2nd 20% - 3rd 10%

Start Times
1pm MvC 3
2pm MK 9
3:30pm SF4 AE

Post up what games you would like to play in, your srk name and what city you are representing.

More info, pm me or hit the link up http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=151288011604393

Loganx2000 - Tally
Miyomei - Tally
[SIZE=18px]LowTierSteve - Tally[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18px]Kryian - Tally[/SIZE]

MrFTW - Tally
3S - Tally

Mezmerize - Jax

Miyomei - Tally
3S - Tally
MrFTW - Tally
[SIZE=18px]LowTierSteve - Tally[/SIZE]

Love me some Marvel!

Woo, Tallahassee going hard on MvC3 and SF4AE. Come get some, south!

MK9 - Mezmerize - Jax,FL

Count me in for Marvel and AE Mike


did u guys pump this down in O-Town?

I wasn’t being very social last weekend, but I chucked a link on one of Jebailey’s statuses just now.

And add me to AE

thanks! got ya on

Mike – going to have to retract my MVC3/MK9 slots, I’m moving back to Jacksonville for the rest of the summer and I will not be here. Sorry!

np dood

I’ll be playing AE and Marvel 3.

got ya down steve

Tallahassee won’t lose to anyone else in Marvel 3 - bet it!

This is set on my Birthday !! :open_mouth: Sadly i cannot make it :frowning:

what should I put you down on Ron?

Hoping we can get the Gainesville, Pensacola, and Panama City cats to come through again. Good comp all around last time!

I’ll do everything I can to get Gainesville back for this.

Just Marvel. I’ll decide whether or not I play SFIV on the day.

Also you can throw James down as well for MvC and SF4.

what is james srk name again?

Hey mike im keeping AE but im dropping marvel