Jules (Painter9)

Jules (Painter9) Now with Vincent !

Been messing around with Corels new version of painter… And I must say that it great! not only is it much more faster then version 8 but the new oil brushes are sick. :tup:

spend about two hours on this… (PainterIX + Photoshop 7).


Close up of detail.


Some work in progress… This was about a half an hour into the painting progress… just getting a feel for the program.

Anyone who wants to try this program out: Painter 9

Free trial…

nice, I’ve been meaning to try out painter. Is it better than paint shop pro? What are the extra features that it has over photoshop?

Jules=bad motherfucker.

Is it better than paint shop pro

Shit yeah!

What are the extra features that it has over photoshop

PS and Painter are two completely different programs… PS is more of a image editing tool while painter more of a natural media painting tool. Basically if you good at using real media like watercolor,oils etc… then painter is for you. I use both, I start with painter and then put the finishing touches in PS (like color adjustments and image resizing).

If you have a artistic background then I strongly suggest you try it out.

side note: If your going to use painter make sure you have a tablet. (I use a Wacom Intuos 2)


Work In Progress

Still working on this…I am going to add more detail on the face and clean up a bit.

vincennnnnnttttttt, are we happy?

Close detail


Its Vincent Vega bitches “Royale with Cheese”

Wow. These are very impressive. I totally love your style, it’s very beautiful and easy on the eyes. I can’t wait to see the finished John Travolta, it already looks really cool.



good shit, Feyz. I like the Jules pic better than the Vincent pic… colours seem so much richer :slight_smile:

post more man.

Great stuff dood… makes me wanna see that movie again. You should draw like an exaggerated pic of ving rames sayin 'das just pride fuckin witchu!"

Thanks for pointing out the colors rook… I have adjusted it.