Julia Chang Combo Thread



400 dmg, corner only, no meter:

Jump fierce attack, f.mp+lp, mp, cr. hp xx hard rising kick.


Nitpicking is fine the more details we have the better for everyone. That way no confusion will be spread as to what does what.

Updated March 7, 2012.


You can link crouching mp after a close rh. I was able to do pretty solid damage with this.


Guys, finding max damage combo from random starter won’t get us far. Try to find some combo for fixed starter, for example.
Guaranteed jump in (You know you gonna hit, no need to confirm)
Hit confirm jump in, (aka can’t just throw out fierce and hail marry it)
low starter
Overhead starter.
etc etc.

if we try to compare j.:hp: b.:mp: :mp: juggle, to j.:hp: s.:lk: s.:lk: b.:mp: :mp: of course the first will look better, but it doesn’t apply it’s the better combo.


some setups i’ve worked on that seem very potent:

Cross up with MK -> cr.LP
-this sets up the string. Confirm if it hits, if it does link into cr.lp, cr.mk, cr.hp launcher. You can also link into cr.lp, cr.mp, qcb+p if you don’t want to switch.

-If they block the crossup and cr.lp, then do LP LP. From here you can do MP for the overhead palm strike, or MK for a low.

-Finally, if you end the previous string with the MK, you can special cancel into qcb+P if they stopped blocking at any point during this, OR you can cancel into hcf+lk. From there you can do P, P for an overhead or d+K, 2P for a low.

Whew, that was a lot of words, I hope you guys can navigate my post. Long story short, jumpins/crossups can be hitconfirmed either into damage, or into one or multiple high/low mixups if they block. Julia is godlike.

E: also don’t neglect the option of just stopping after a cr.lp and applying pressure with ff+MP. Very good for catching counterhits, and safe on block so you can pressure even more afterwards.


delay the f/hp until they are almost laying down for ground bounce, (pointed out to me by ScrubmasterK)

Guaranteed starter: HCF+FP crumple, delay f.hp ground bounce into f.mp x lp then juggle.

So just from memory last night(numbers might not be exact):
hcf+fp (delay) f.hp, f.mp xx lp s.lk qcb + 3p = 499
hcf+fp (delay) f.hp, f.mp xx lp hp, s.mp xx qcb+pp = 432

Also can tag in on the lp for f.mp xx lp and continue with secondary character, I was doing it with King rising knee x 4 to lp air grab for tons of meter build and solid damage.


Thanks GuruPrimo.


Updated again tweaked a couple of things and don’t worry unstable combos, (Ones with no confirm or dangerous starters) will be removed eventually by newer safer combos.


[LEFT]Palm crumple, wait f+hp, f+mp - mk, lk wind roll, c.hp, tiger strike. 403 dmg meterless[/LEFT]


Just got the guide with frame data, whome ever said elbow was positive was right.

+2 on block.

Slow power punch combos are REALLY SLOW. I glimpsed at the page and most of them are -11 and up on block.


where is t

his guide you speak of?


Yo, is it known technology that you can link after cr.HP using a charge dash cancel? Like this:

cr.HP xx qcb+lp (dash cancel) ff+MP

If you do it fast enough the cr.HP links into the ff+MP. Then you can link into cr.lk into whatever. It’s not a TON of extra damage, but you can do stuff like

cr.LP, cr.LP, cr.HP xx qcb+lp xx ff+MP, cr.lk cr.mk cr.hp launch.


jumping lk is a cross up in the corner! =0


The official SF x T brady guide.


Whoa, trag’s combos.

Just… whoa.


Here’s Trag’s Julia combos (Starts at 37s)


Here’s the annotation to the first Julia combo in Trag’s random SFxT Combo Part 2. I didn’t see it posted anywhere.

j.HK fwrd.MK>MP or HP fwrd.P lk wind roll cr.HP fwrd fwrd MP crHP fwrdMK>MP qcb PPxxfwrd fwrd MP counterhit stMK crHP Launcher.

Someone can correct me if i got something wrong, i broke it down by memory and training so i could be wrong on a few things.


I think combos that start off her f+MK chain are worth posting. It’s a decent poke and doesn’t seem all too punishable (someone with the guide wanna post the frame data on it?). You can even delay the MP follow-up enough to hit-confirm it. If you screw up the confirm, you can always cancel into a Iron Mountain charge. From there you can backdash, forward dash, or Party Crasher.
f+MK > MP > f+LP xx LK Wind Roll, c.HP xx HK Rising Kick
Does something like 306 or 308 damage (shitty old tube TV, can’t read the numbers clearly). Pretty good for a meterless combo that you can potentially hit-confirm into.

Also, I think people should note that CH f+MK puts the opponent in stagger state. If you land it close enough, you have time to link into f+MP > LP.

Another thing I noticed is that her c.MK has a rather large cancel window. Good way to confirm into launcher or one of her specials.


here’s the frame data on f+mk

startup: 9
active: 3
Recovery: 20
Adv. on Hit: -2
Adv. on Block: -5
Adv. on Counter hit: +35 (puts opponent in staggar state)
Adv. on Counter hit (crouching opponents): +18


Just to confirm what I’m seeing in Trag’s combo video, is he canceling out a charged Tiger Strike with Party Crasher in order to link it after a Cr. HP??? If so then that’s great thinking on Trag’s part because I see no mention of that in this Brady guide sitting in my lap.

Also, I’ve been putting a little time in with Julia and I’ve been working on a few combo’s nothing fancy at all, just looking for simple links to get me started and then I’m going to dive into more damaging and difficult links.

  1. Cl. HK, Cr. LP, Cr. HP, HK Rising Kick (304 damage, this is a good standard punish to blocked DP’s and Launchers when your opponent is wide open. You can also sub in EX Tiger Strike as the ender for 334 damage)

And one more thing, Cr. LP, Cr. LP, Cr. MP link should never be done in a combo in my opinion! Cr. LP, Cr. LP, Cr. HP link makes it obsolete.