Julia Q & A Thread - Ask a simple Question get an Answer

So we don’t have to make a bunch of new threads or have random questions in other threads. If you have a single question just post here and hopefully someone will post the answer.

I’ll start, because I have a question. Trying to main Julia. What’s a good combo to do after my partner launches in? All I’ve been doing is just punch to tiger strike right now.

Also is standing HK a decent poke? I’ve been using it and crouching MK with some mixed results and was wondering what others thought her best pokes were.

Hi dud after change what i do its forw. mp forw.mk wait forw. hp down hp into any ender
and for pokes its also a good one forw. mk and you can confirm into the full chain
you can use down lp down lp if they block go into forw. mk hope this help.

Is everything cancelled into windroll unsafe? If so is the only use for windroll for combos and going through FB’s?

actually anything that you can cancel into wind roll you can cancel into tiger strike dash cancel to safety

Two questions.

  1. What’s the point of HCF+lp as opposed to HCF+hp. The only thing I could think of is throwing out a low attack after the HCF+lp. It’s that really the only purpose for it? Or are there other applications?

  2. What’s the benefit of using Tiger Strike over her DP HK and vice versa as a combo ender? Her DP HK actually does more damage and it can be tagged in to continue the combo. So except for maybe position purposes, why use Tiger Strike as a combo ender?

Ok, what are you guys using for anti–airs?

Her dp is great.

Can you explain the timing on the F+HP after the FMP to FMK? I tried in training mode for 30 mins to get this and didn’t get it once.

After knock down whats the proper distance i need to be to get an ambiguous cross up with j.hk?

@Mrsbonbon: it’s difficult to represent a distance with text but from my experience it’s the normal crossup distance. You have to play with how early/late you press the HK button, this will alter her trajectory to the point that even you won’t know where she 's landing.
After her back throw, try jumping after just moving a split second forward then go for jump HK with diffrent timings, iirc its possible to do very ambigous crossup from this setup.

@Dangerkid: Dp, cr HP can do the jop if you hit it early enough. If you have 2 bars crHP into super (link not cancel but you have all the time in the world due to the extra fast super).
Alternatively you can 41236 LP under people that try to cross you up to escape/punish them when they land

Now my question, what’s her best damage after a CH air to air jump ?

  1. Because the hcf+lp is just a dash that looks identical to the hcf+hp overhead you can use it as a fake and go for a low as you’ve said, use it to go for a throw (people might be blocking to wait for the overhead), or just plain use it to bait a DP and punish.

  2. HP DP is two hits and in some combos and situations you might not be able to get both hits. In that case qcb+p is better for damage.

I’ve tried this out myself cause I like the idea. The timing is a bit weird so what I ultimately do it just the F+:hp: without the f+:mp: > f+:mk:. You still have to time it a bit but it’s easier to hit.

Thanks for the response. I’ll try applying those, though I thought qcb+:p: is also a two hitter technically, one hit when you “grab” and the follow up hit that pushes them in the corner.

Also, maybe it’s just me but it would be pretty nice if you could say, follow up with qcb+:p::p: Is this possible at all or is it strictly for combo ending with the opponent closer?

Here is a question, does Julia have an overhead combo or reliable overhead options? Most of the time my opponents just down back the hell out of me and stuff my jump in attempts.

Julia’s overheads are hcf+hp, lp-lp-mp chain combo, hcf+k p-p followup.

ah Thanks for pointing this out, I was actually reading the guide on this and testing out the chain combo, it said on counter hit all the attacks should hit, Is it a 1 frame link or something because even on counter the second hit seems to always get blocked.

It should be a chain so you could just tap :lp: twice to get it.

That sound, I don’t know for certain if :lp:-:lp:-:mp: would be a true combo even on CH

What is dash canceling? I don’t get it, someone talked about tiger strike dash cancel to make it safe etc.

Also what are her overhead options? All i found was her :hcf::hp: which is pretty easy to react to.

Every character has a move that they can charge up to essentially do an ex version of that move or even the super art version of that move for free, with the cost being the time spent to charge it. All these moves can be dash cancelled out of, much like how Focus Attack could be dash cancelled in SF4. In Julia’s case, her charge move is Tiger Strike (qcb+:p:), so what players do is if they’re in a situation where their heavy unsafe special cancellable move was blocked they just go into tiger strike, charging it and dash backwards as Julia’s backdash is very good. Other uses are in combos, but that’s another story.

Thanks chibitox you did a great job explaining actually it helped a lot!