Julia version 2013



Sooo… how does Julia look for the 2013 version? Anybody happy with the changes? I’m thinking of maining

• Vitality - 1000->950
• Back step - Reduced distance by 40%
• Close/Far MP - Reduced frames by 3 (+7F on hit/+3F on block)

  • 5F added to Boost combo (-5F on hit/-9F on block)
    • Close MK - 2F added to Boost combo (-5F on hit/-10F on block)
    • Close HK - Frames added to Boost combo (-9F on hit/-10F on block)
    • Far MP - 5F added to Boost combo (-6F on hit/-10F on block)
    • Far MK - 2F added to Boost combo (-6F on hit/-10F on block)
    • cr. LK - Hit box reduced
    • cr. MP - Reduced frames by 4 (+6F on hit/+2F on block)
  • 5F added to Boost combo (-6F on hit/-10F on block)
    • cr. MK - Push back on block when used in boost combo reduced
    • Tiger Strike - Damage 50+80(130)->50+100(150)
    • Rising Kick (L) - Startup 8F->6F
  • Damage 120->130
    • Rising Kick (L and M) - Block stun reduced by 10F
  • Screen freeze reduced by 3F
  • Push back on block reduced
    • EX Lashing Arrow - Hit causes wall bounce
  • Damage 70->100
    • Iron Mountain Rush - Startup 1F->3F
    • Wild Stallion - Damage 120->130
    • Mad Axes - Damage 120->130

Special move meter gain:
• Tequila Sunrise Elbow Smash: whiff 5+5(10)->10+10(20)/On hit 30+40(70)->20+30(50)
• Hunting Tomahawk: whiff 5+5(10)->10+10(20)/On hit 30+40(70)->20+30(50)
• Wind Roll Explosion: whiff 5+5(10)->10+10(20)/On hit 30+40(70)->20+30(50)
• Rising Kick (L): On hit 60->40
• Rising Kick (M and H): On hit 60+60(120)->20×2(40)
• Tiger Strike: whiff 15->0/On hit 10+10(20)->20+50(70)


Julia’s looking to be a real beast in 2013, definitely one of the stronger characters in the game. Time will ultimately tell, but I’m personally happy.


Still looking good despite the cr.lk and backdash nerfs IMO. She’s one of my alts for fun (and loyalty), but I need to step my game up with her soon myself… :sweat:


I mained Julia in 2012, and intend to continue maining her in 2013. Her 2013 changes were varied, but her nerfs (cr. LK has less range and now doesn’t allow for safe chains, health nerf, and backdash nerf) are extremely serious. It will basically mean you can’t play Julia the way you used to in 2012.

2012 Julia’s gameplay mainly revolved around a vicious footsie game with cr. LK as her main tool. Now that strategy is completely gone, and you’ll need to rely on her other tools to make it work.

So Julia’s still got decent frame traps with her CADC PC, although the backdash nerf makes them slightly less safe. The buffs to cr. MP look very interesting, and now she has a Ryu-like cr. MP, cr. MP link available to her. She still has a good crossup and a decent jump arc, so her offence in that sense survives, although because almost every character now has an excellent anti-air attack, the effectiveness of jumping might be greatly reduced.

Julia has received good buffs in terms of her damage output, both in terms of her Tiger Strike’s damage being buffed to 150 and in terms of her EX Lashing Arrow now causing wallbounce, allowing for excellent damage off 1 bar.

I think she’s definitely still in the game, but very, very different.


Julia still has her cMK, which is still one of the very best pokes in the game.


I agree with the cr.lk hitbox nerf, but I disagree with not lowering the hurt box. everything else im fine with


Besides a few nerfs, I’m pretty satisfied with Julia’s changes and looking forward to using her again in Ver. 2013. I’m especially intrigued with wallbounce added to her EX Lashing Arrow.


It’s a good poke, but it’s just that, a poke. It’s not going to threaten leading into 300-350 damage in the same way that cr. LK did, and there’s nothing really safe you can buffer it into to remain in pressure. I’m not sure this is going to be the type of game where you can poke here and there for 60 damage and hope to win


Well in footsies you can buffer with launch and ex arrow. And there’s always EX PC if you get blocked.

Also, her DP is alot faster. This means you can catch people jumping over cMK alot easier.

All her pressure normals are unchanged and she got a few new ones.


Whoops double post.

I’ll reply to your reply.

You can EX PC but that wastes a bar. You can EX arrow too, that’s a legit option, but again, it uses a bar. You can also buffer with launch, but that’s not a viable option at all ranges unless you have godlike reads, and in general it’s not the safest thing to do. There’s a reason the archetypal footsies buffer is low-forward fireball, not low-forward DP!

Her DP being faster is nice, but I’m not sure it will help her footsies game all that much, because there just isn’t that compelling a reason for me to actually use cr. MK. The payoff (60 damage unless I spend a bar or do something unsafe), is just too low. Yes, her DP helps against the option where they jump, but I think it might be too little, too late for her footsies game.

Her pressure normals have gotten a lot better, I think that’s where the core of her game is going to move. I think we’re going to see a LOT more cr. MP, a lot more Trickling Stream, and a lot more cr. HP CADC PC in general.


Well, the way I see it, is in footsies you buffer with EX arrow, because that will always yield big damage.

You can also confirm with a launcher, as you can delay cancel launchers (but not other chains for some reason).

As for the DP. The way I look at it is, it’s kinda like Ryu. One of the reasons his pokes are such a threat, is because you have to deal with them. If you jump, you will get DP’d because his DP starts up very fast. In 2012, with Julia, she could do this with her slow DP because cLK recovered so fast. Now, they sped up the DP so she can do it with her cMK. Meaning her footsies game, from my perspective, is better, as EX Arrow will lead to high damage.

As for her pressure game, her max pressure range is a little smaller, but his optimal pressure spot was already in cHP range (as that move has solid range). Also, I think sMP will be more important than cMP. It has more range, and it is launcher deterrent. One of Julia’s weaknesses in 2012 was a reliance on launch-able normals.


hm alot of interesting post. thnx for the info, i updated the op with the changes to make the discussion easier.


The cr.LK change sucks, that’s for sure, but what about st.LK that’s still a far reaching poke. Not a mix up by any means but for the footsie game, it’s decent.


st.LK is okay, but generally I prefer cr.MK and st.MK.


But, I forgot about sLK. That gives us a consistent PC confirm I think. (I feel dumb for forgetting that normal existed.).


I definitely agree about Julia’s effective range now being at max cr. HP range. I also agree that cl. MP is a huge normal now, especially because it’s an easy 2-frame plinkable link into cr. HP now.

I do think in 2012 her optimal range was at max cr. LK range, but that might just be a difference in our playstyles :D.

Also, why would you need to confirm with st. LK? That move still has shorter range than cr. LK, and isn’t any faster. It’s not launchable, but if you’ve confirmed a hit with PC, that shouldn’t matter, right?


I’m pretty sure, sLK has more range than clk now, and as such will link off of PC.


Random things I’ve noticed.

I’m pretty sure cMP has a bigger hitbox than before, and likewise, cHP has a smaller one. I’m not 100% sure on this, but lots of my old combo’s and setups that involve these two moves seem more/less functional than before.


Why are you guys linking sLK off of PC rather than an MP move?


sLK has more range.