Julia video thread

please post some

-6 videos (search for ‘reentrant sfxt’ on youtube):

Didn’t know if I should post this here or in the combo thread apologies if this is the wrong place for it, but I wanted to know if this is the maximum dmg follow up she could do in this vid, I think it does around 441and 450 something with ex tiger strike


you could have just posted the notation in the combo thread. pretty sure this is the best damage in that situation; it’s the current recommendation for the sse (hcf.hp) follow-up as per irondragon’s post.

I’m sorry but I think this -6 guy is doin it wrong. He’s using her for footsies into boost chains, dragon punch, and occasional crossup. She has good footsies, an ok dp, and a sick crossup, but I don’t think he’s maximizing what she can do. Imo she’s not about knockdowns (yes, I know most of her moves lead to knockdowns lol), she’s about non-knockdown combos that move the opponent halfway across the stage, end in close proximity plus frames situations, and setting up and taking advantage of resets with that crazy good jump mk. Imo if I get cr lk cr mk in footsies, I don’t want boost into launch into tiny damage and knockdown guessing games, I want ex tiger strike cancel party crasher into red orchid string into wind roll into back mp lp. She can do the other things -6 uses her for well, it’s just, I think a decent amount of characters can do what he uses her for. She has better stuff.

Most online Julias are playing her that way, just using her for her boost combo range and tag in combo damage. I haven’t seen any replays (on PSN at least) of players that actually USE Julia.

I agree, I don’t often see -6 even going for cr.:hp: CADC PC, which I would think by now would be considered one of Julia’s bnbs.

I don’t know about ending wind roll into back mp lp… I would rather end in tiger strike into swift step. If ending with back mp lp, yeah, it’s positive, but at the distance she puts herself, all she can really do is cr.:hp:. The same situation as a meaty cr.:hp: post tiger strike, swift step.

I’m also beginning to question my usage of meter with Julia. Even with ex CADC into party crasher added into a combo, it really only adds 50-60 damage to a combo (even if done early in a combo). Lately, I’ve been hopping on that alpha counter bandwagon and usually save my meter for that. So ultimately, I would save EX CADC PC for when the opponent blocks the low boost combo hit confirm. Otherwise, if I confirm the hit, I’d rather just go into cross rush/launcher.

And there’s Julia’s game changing Super. Which seems like is being pushed to the wayside. It changes the game, of course I’d save meter for that.

Of course, there may be resets with Julia launching/tag cancelling to another partner, but so far all I’ve seen are reset mixups with Julia the one being tagged in.

The reason I like back mp lp is that it DOESN’T knock down. Knock downs are BAD. They mean that the opponent gets to make you guess whether he’s gonna roll or stand, and if you don’t, your pressure situation gets blown up. I’d much rather give up a little damage to take that guessing game away and guarantee myself better positioning.

I really understand where UltraDavid is coming from. I really hate losing my food because it decided not to roll away or vice versa. Ending combos in back MP,LP puts you in nice range for jumping MK cross ups or jumping HK ambiguousness. In all honesty, I think a healthy mix of getting that damage AND sometimes getting the better positioning is best.

While -6 might not be using her to max potential, it’s the scariest Julia I have seen in vids so far. I think this style compliments Ryu pretty well. Would really love to see some other styles though!

Mid screen at least, after a Tiger strike, Swift step, it sets up for meaty cr.:hp: CADC PC. Them rolling or not doesn’t matter. There’s plenty of time to confirm which side they roll to and still do a meaty cr.:hp: and adjust CADC direction accordingly. This is definitely a better situation I think than ending with back :mp:, :lp:.

Similarly in the corner, after Tiger strike, whiff cr.:hp:, and you get another meaty cr.:hp:.

My approach to rolls in this game is to put myself between the area where they roll or normal wakeup. Use that opportunity to try and get a read on the opponent then actually try to mount an offense after making educated guesses as to what the opponent does off wakeup. I know that knockdowns are nothing like they were in SF4, but I firmly believe that ending in Tiger Strike nets more damage and better situation. I mean, there are more options off post Tiger Strike, Swift Step (not that many more) than ending in back :mp:, :lp:.

Heh it’s definitely not a better situation, you don’t get anything like the forced speed of decisionmaking or the guaranteed location for crossup/fake crossup or the forced position on screen relative to the corner. Fine, though, lemme know how your style works out!

Rolls and stand are reactable to. All one needs is to confirm which side they wake up on is a meaty attack. Julia has that in cr.:hp: CADC. The speed of forced decision making is really the only main difference, but that’s because no one is familiar with Julia’s moveset. Once they see back :mp:, :lp: enders enough times, this factor of forced speed decision making becomes null. Besides, it’s not guaranteed location for crossup/fake. The opponent still has enough time to react and anti air/air-to-air accordingly.

Really, in those -6 videos, one of his go to options when confirming block was cr.lp, cr.lp jump, crossup. That stuff gets blown up by Ryu cr.:hp:. Yeah ambiguous cross up works on people who aren’t on point with anti-air. But +2-+4 is not enough to call it a guaranteed followup ambiguous cross up I’d say.

I made the suggestion of using both scenarios. Would/do you think that is ideal, or do you think this is a black and white situation with no grey area?

I think both approaches have their appropriate uses. But overall, I prioritize positioning and damage secondary. Again, I know this isn’t SF4, but I’d like to still hold onto that notion. You only prioritize damage only when you are about to kill, or your various choices put you in the same position with the same offensive options.

There’s also another factor, meter usage, which I’m still trying to figure out with Julia. But so far, I’m still tending to saving up for super, since that effectively changes the game entirely.

But dude, you’re really prioritizing damage over positioning here. In a knockdown, you give the opponent a chance of escaping the corner. I dunno why you’re not willing to admit that being +4 in the opponent’s face is not as good as being +2 or whatever you are on the meaty swift step setup, or why guaranteeing yourself positioning that you can get a crossup from (no, a jump is not guaranteed obviously, just the positioning to get it) is not as good as getting a knockdown where, as you say, you can only guarantee that you’ll be in front instead of getting a crossup. But there’s no getting around the fact that knockdown = chance of escaping the corner, no knockdown = no chance (barring you getting hit or something that’s always there).

That’s the thing, for Julia, there is no need for the corner, heck all her reset setups or lame mixups require midscreen. With Julia, I want to be midscreen. She has no corner combos, and even if she tag cancels to another character the damage output proves to be not worth the one bar IMO. Even with back mp, lp ending in corner, I’d rather have Tiger strike ending in corner. With Tiger Strike ending in the corner, it at least ends up with a possible meaty ambiguous cross up mixup. Even if you jump back and they normal wakeup in the corner, she’s still in prime position to lock them down with her footsies and reactive dp in the corner. I’m still adamant about getting the knockdown first and going for meaty or not; and using that to read the opponent’s wakeup game. Though I respect your decision to try to avoid knockdowns at all cost. I’d just rather try to take on the roll/not roll mixup and read the opponent using that data.

Heh no need for the corner? We’re playing totally different characters, my friend.


Looks like -6 is starting to use more CADC PC

Hmmm, anyone know why he might go for PC during juggle?
Very interesting to see -6 broadening his play (also using more dash punches and stuff).
I’m liking his spacing setups though!