Julia video thread

Pretty good Julia player in the first match that makes good use of her CADC PC


If anyone cares and has a capture card or another way to upload videos to youtube- I have a good number of replays of my team (julia/rufus). Pretty sure they have some of the best synergy in the game and I have setups that I havent seen used before. Ive got matches against top players like dieminion, arturo, cd jr, alex valle, and other A ranked people. Hit me up if you dont mind recording these and putting them up!

I really like that cross rush into EX CADC PC, cr. :hp: CADC PC, cross rush into launcher combo. I think that’s a good use of meter. I’ll have to check that out.

thanks for the video xXSHI_the_KiDDXx
he plays the same team with the same idea but more with pc
i pretty much fish for launchers with c lk cr mk


Me vs Ryan Hunter who plays a really good Julia.

Sorry if you already mentioned this somewhere JiBbo, but why did you drop Julia yourself?

Nah I didn’t “drop” her intentionally, she’s an awesome character and I like her. I more so don’t have a taste for Hugo in this game like I do in 3rd strike and Julia was really my way to getting into favorable Hugo conditions.

As far as Hugo; it’s just not nearly as satisfying as tachi gigas, red parry 720, and making his barely existent footsies work as it was in 3rd strike. Not saying exclusively that he’s a scrubby character now but he’s just boring and I can’t be as clever or interactive with him. I also feel like a complete f@ggot playing Hugo online… it’s not even fun. Also I strongly believe that Hugo is terrible without meter unless he’s already on top of you.

This Sagat/Jin team is more conducive to my play style and is tons of fun. I feel like Sagat deserves his wins more than he did in say Vanilla SF4 and Jin allows me to hit a lot of buttons and make quick decisions. If I could pick a team of three characters it’d be Jin Julia Sagat :stuck_out_tongue:



A quickie I did earlier this week in regards to using Pandora for AA punish, figured it’s worth sharing here as well.

A ranked match featuring Julia being teamed up with Chun-Li.<br><br>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=en3eTrxVzXI&feature=youtu.be<br><br>and another one with her anchoring for Cody.<br><br>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Acx9_xpYW9Q<br>