Julian's Random Casuals [SF4, Smash, 3s, ect.] (Next date: TBA)


So yeah, I just realized that I live by myself now and this is something I always wanted to do. . .just took awhile to realize it cause i’m a scrub. . .

We have 2 360’s, 1 PS3, 1 Wii, 1 PS2.

We can play SF4, 3s, Brawl or what ever you guys bring. I already have one copy of SF4, 3s and brawl so yeah. . .

Time: Anytime after 8pm -Til whenever

When: TBA

Bring: You own sticks, also if you wanna bring a certain game go ahead and bring it , like more sf4 or more 3s to your guy’s desires. But you might wanna bring consoles also if you want another 3s set up or bring another copy of SF4 if you want another SF4 set up. w/e it’s all up to you guys.

RSVP: Julian (562) 277-2727 -Just be sure to call me if you want to go, I at least wanna have a head count, don’t worry there is no limit

ppl might remember me from the ai 3s days, I suck, but i gave you guys some laughs! anyways post up or call if you wanna go, i’ll be holding these random times in the future (With a few days notice at least) and maybe eventually get a weekly or something going. just remember this will be at my house so please show some respect and act appropriately. If anyone acts too crazy you’ll be kicked out, I have no problem doing that.


oh eyah u got that new big house to yourself, with that alright looking azn gamer chick…>=D…i got 3 ppl what wanna roll down today be there!! imma get back in the SF4 scene…AI for life!!!


Might check out the next one.


Is your sister going to be there? :wink:


wow, adam…come over next time, and find out. i’ll have her make u a sandwich

I’m planning this again sometime this weekend or next week keep posted


So, let me get this straight. SF4, 3S, Smash, AND beautiful women serving me food?


I’m free on Wednesdays. :wgrin:


did someone mention hot gaming women??


you guys need to come down next week, try to get some AI regs to come adam


So im doing this next Wednesday again




in here like swim gear. will call after i get off work!

see you tonight.

p.s. do you mind if i smoke outside or in the backyard or something?



what time does this start and end?


starts around 6:30-7 and it will end when people want to go home. I have a lot of room and 4 TVs so yeah lets get something going


Shit, you still got room for people in this? I can bring a Tekken 5 stick and a PS2 to PS3 converter as well as a PS2 and 3rd Strike if necessary.


Can’t wait to get some real live SFIV practice today.


Yes I have room, just call before you come


heading over now.


Er, eheh, got called in for something tonight. Guess I won’t be showing.

Akagi, let us know when the next one’s going down. Would love to get some games in, obviously!


Can’t come tonight. Have fun guys. Hopefully I’ll be able to drop by next week.


just got home. julian is a super cool dude. thanks again for hosting! same time next week.