Julia's CADC PC Tech Thread: Tips and Combos here!



I’m beginning to explore some of the higher execution aspects of Julia’s gameplay. Namely, the unique opportunities her CADC presents.

For those new to Julia, she’s one of the few characters who has a command normal that uses a dash input. Party Crasher ( :f: :f: :mp:) does 60 damage and leaves you at +7 on hit. It’s also totally safe on block.The key thing here is that you can use Party Crasher in combos by cancelling any special cancelling normal into CADC into Party Crasher, and with +7 frames on hit, you can continue the combo!

So for example, a basic hit-confirm would run something like this:

cr. :lp:, cr. :lp:, cr. :hp: xx Tiger Strike. This deals 223 damage. Not bad, but not great either.

But by using CADC PC, it becomes:

cr. :lp:, cr. :lp:, cr. :hp: xx CADC PC, cr. :lk: xx Tiger Strike. This deals 257 damage, which is considerably more, and puts her on par with the best meterless hit-confirms in the game. By way of comparison, Guile’s cr. :mp: cr. :mp: xx Flash Kick does a paltry 216 damage, and Ryu’s cr. :mp:, cr. :mp:, cr. :mk: xx Hadouken does 217, and both those combos start with mediums, not lights. Ryu’s cr. :mp:, cr. :hp: xx :hp: Shoryuken does more, at 278, but it uses a difficult link and still begins with a medium hit, meaning it’s extremely difficult to hit-confirm (you essentially have to confirm on one hit, the cr. :mp:, which is very, very hard) .

I feel like this is only the beginning of the possibilities for CADC PC, does anyone else have any neat things that make use of this? There’s a fantastic combo by VRyu on the combo thread, has anyone integrated that, or parts of that, into regular play?

For my part, here’s a couple of tips that helped me nail CADC PC and land the above combo:

  1. Instead of using negative edge to CADC PC, or any other method, try going from cr. :hp: into :lp: Tiger Strike, and keep :lp: held. You can then dash and input :mp: for Party Crasher while keeping :lp: held the whole time. This makes it much easier (for me at least) than re-using :mp: or :hp: and really helped me land it consistently.

  2. Practice by doing the combo slowly (preferably starting with cr. :hp:, which is Julia’s highest damage cancelable move, and the one you’ll be using CADC PC most often with), then making it faster and faster until the PC connects. This works because CADC PC isn’t a link, so it’s not about timing, it’s about speed and correct execution. Once you have the cr. :hp: xx CADC PC part down, the rest of the combo above is cake.

What does everyone else think?


This is relevant,



Another thing to note is that cr:hp: can be combo’d FROM certain characters as well. I’ll retrieve the known list later. Though the knockback from the attack, even with the forward advancing from Party Crasher only allow so many reps (2-3).

Chaining from cr.:lk: to cr.:hp: does seem to move Julia closer but a bar must be used for EX CADC PC, though the advantage with this is that PC is now a counter hit so you’ll have even more time to connect a cr:hp: CADC PC into another cr:lk: xx Tiger Strike

Is it worth using the meter for the combo extension? Not sure I would have to test to see how much more damage it adds, but I’d say if it manages to add 100 to the damage, then hell yea it’s worth it.

For instance, one potential combo on these potential opponents could be:
cr:lp:, cr:lp:, cr:hp: CADC PC cr:hp: CADC PC cr:lk:>(cr.:mk:>)cr:hp: EX CADC PC, cr:hp: CADC PC cr:lk: xx Tiger Strike

A more universal variant might be something like
cr:lp:, cr:lp:, cr:hp: CADC PC cr:lk:>cr:hp: EX CADC PC, cr:lk: xx Tiger Strike - This one might not be so worth it.

Even a meterless tag launch version could just be:
cr:lp:, cr:lp:, cr:hp: CADC PC cr:lk:>cr:hp:>:hp:, Partner Follow up

Edit: The known list so far includes: Abel, Kuma, Geif, Sagat, Boxer, Claw,Hugo, King, Marduk, Ogre


I don’t understand the math behind why this works. Cr. HP is active in 6 frames. You are -1 on hit and recovery is 20 frames, so hitstun on your opponent is 19 frames. Tiger Strike isn’t cancelable into a dash until the 13th frame. Then there’s the dash, and the 8 frames for the PC. So, 13 + 23 + 8? That’s a lot more than 19 frames. Why does this work?


Simple, although I was stumped too initially. What you’re actually doing is cancelling the cr. :hp: into Tiger Strike (which then gets charged and canceled into Party Crasher, etc.), so you don’t have to wait for the 20 recovery frames. I’m not sure exactly how many frames you’re cutting out of the recovery by cancelling, but enough for it to comfortably work.

BTW, awesome pic.


By saying that I didn’t mean Julia has to wait 20 frames. I meant Julia normally takes 20 frames to recover, and she’s -1 on hit, therefore the opponent recovers 1 frame faster, so the opponent is in hitstun for 19 frames, so that’s how long you should have to hit them again in order to keep the combo going. But waiting 13 frames to cancel Tiger Strike, dashing, and doing PC should take longer than that, so I can’t figure out how it works.


^^ PC cancels the dash.


Even then, 13 frames to cancel Tiger Strike, plus 8 frames for PC is 21 frames. It should be too late to combo.


The hit stun from cr.:hp: is 25 (take into account canceling during active frames). Startup for Party Crasher is 8, add in that you cancel on 13th frame, it’s 21. Makes it a 5 frame link.

Also THE best way to do CADC PC (EX or not) is to double tap :mp: because it’s a 2+ frame link.

So it would look like:
cr.:hp:, :qcb:+:hp: (hold with ring finger), :f::f:+:mp: (double tap with index and middle finger).

For EX, hold :lp: and :hp: with thumb and ring finger respectively.


I always assumed that if a move hit on the first active frame, it went straight into recovery frames and skipped the remaining active frames. I guess I was wrong.


it does. c.hp is active and cancellable on frame 7, the remaining 6 active frames plus the 19 hitstun frames is the 25.

edit: oh, i see what you mean… watch some slow mo to see the active frames in action.

also, gotta agree with MuayGio on his cancel technique. i use neg. edge and am finding his method really easy. not so much, the double tap :wink:


Nah, that’s the whole point behind meaty attacks. With meaties, you want to hit the opponent on the last active frame of an attack, that way you minimise the recovery from the move.


I’m having a problem canceling her EX version. I can backdash cancel out of it fine, but forward canceling timing seems weird. Her ex move seems to come out if I try and do it around the same timing as normal CADC PC, and getting the dash out completely first means no PC. Is the timing supposed to be a lot stricter in EX version? Or there something different you’re supposed to do with Ex versions’ that I’m not aware of (Tekken player here)?

EDIT: nvm, got it. Problem was using lp+hp for TS, using lp+mp makes it easier for the way I was holding the pad.


So, I’m going to make a video on the Julia’s party crasher. I’m gonna cover basically everything in this thread and some stuff that isn’t, plus I’ll have all the relevant fame math for you guys.

I just wanted to let you guys know, so if there is anything that you want to make sure I include, let me know so I make sure it gets recorded.


The potential combos I posted I’d liked to see analyzed as well as a full list of who all the cr.:hp: CADC PC, cr.:hp: works on, unless it works on everyone.


This’ll be very helpful for everyone including myself lol.


Something weird has been happening to me these last couple of days (well, ever since the dlc/patch dropped): sometimes when I hit my opponent with (jump in mk) cr.lp, cr.lp, cr.hp xx cadcpc, the party crasher whiffs. Just doesn’t connect anymore. It only happens on crouching characters, both small and big ones, and only occassionaly. It hasn’t been long since I started using her cadcpc in a more offensive manner (mostly on block before), so this could be nothing new. But it’s still weird that I haven’t noticed this before. Does anyone else have this problem? Is it just a range thing that I haven’t payed attention to in the past? Or did the patch do something fishy to the range on party crasher/pushback on cr.hp?


Why are you using j. MK, cr. LP, cr. LP in the first place? That might be your problem.

Ideally, I think you should be doing j. MK, cr. HP xx CADC PC, etc. This leaves you with a lot less scaling, and it will also leave you closer such that your PC won’t whiff. You can still easily hit-confirm and backdash after the cr. HP if you’re being blocked, and even if you don’t it’s not a huge deal since PC is + on block. They CAN interrupt you between your cr. HP and PC if your timing isn’t crispy, but that’s tough and a risk worth taking sometimes.

I haven’t really noticed any changes to the CADC PC combos since the patch. They’d be insane to touch that, it’s the heart of Julia’s combo game.


I like to hit confirm :smiley: I don’t know, maybe you’re right and it really is a bad habit, but I just feel more secure sticking out some jabs before commiting to more damaging moves. Cr.lp starts up faster than cr.hp, so there might be less chance that someone succesfully mashes a fast low, or even a dp between a (badly timed) jump in and cr.hp. And it leaves you with +3 on block, instead of +2 for party crasher. Which in turn gives me more opportunities to mix things up on block, with trickling stream, divine impact, wind roll, cadcpc etc. I know you can also do all those things after your initial cr.hp cadcpc, but I feel the added range and 1 less frame on block makes it a little more risky. Matter of preference, I guess?

That said, if you’re not noticing anything off, it might not be a bad idea for me to rethink the whole cr.lp, cr.lp, cr.hp cadcpc thing on hit :slight_smile:


I don’t notice anything off as long as your execution is okay. Frankly, cr. LP, cr. LP, cr. HP is not a braindead link, so the way I do it (going straight into cr. HP) feels less risky to me. The problem of making the j.MK and cr. HP a true blockstring isn’t such a big deal, I don’t think I’ve ever been reversaled out of it.

Also, remember that because you’re CADCing, the + frames on block are going to be different, since CADC cancels the recovery of your normal, effectively giving you much more frame advantage. I’m not sure how much exactly, but I feel quite safe in going for PC after cr. HP CADC on block.

One of the biggest things in leveling up my game has been removing unnecessary little hits that serve to hit-confirm but scale down your damage. I know it’s tough (it certainly is for me!) but the rewards are plentiful, and in Julia’s case you don’t even have to nail difficult links to do it. Well worth it in my opinion. :slight_smile: