July 10 Upcoming DLC


Exciting stuff, huh?


This dude in the video is keeping it real.


I don’t sugar coat my opinions. =)


Quick combo customizer… Yeeeaaaahhh I don’t think they know what’s up with this game at all. I haven’t even touched the replay analyzer yet. What’s next? Assist gems only mode lol.

Let’s hope the guys who keep coming up with these dumb DLC ideas get fired and replaced real soon.


Are we sure we know everything about the new update though? Cause I’ve only seen it announced on one site, and the fact that places like here or Capcom Unity hasn’t said anything about leads me to believe Capcom might have more to show.


This is really wearing on my patience…
SKill was smart to get out now.


Don’t tempt them… they might do it even if 1 person asks for such a mode. =p hah


Yeah, thats my feeling too. These absolutely useless updates paired with their absolutely useless and late announcements like “Look, DLC characters revealed, woah, HYPE!!!” make me think the promised “fireworks” for this game won´t come anytime soon. They just seem so… ignorant concerning the game´s main problems.


i don’t need any fireworks. Just give the players some options. I mean i’m glad i’m not force to use gems offline but that same should be said for online matches. Frankly i avoid all gems like the plague but when you fight someone who has auto block and auto tech you take away mix-up. Tekken characters need those mix up do some solid damage and if they can’t do that then they’re just broken characters because that one options they had to do reliable damage is taken away. Plus it takes away from practice when you are trying to see if “a” set up works in a real match and the shit gets blocked because the nigga has the 1/8 block gem. I mean for fake sakes capcom, do you even play the games you guys make sometimes?


Fans like a quick combo customizer? :o

I wonder where are they getting their opinions and suggestions from…


Yeah, didn’t ya hear? Everyone was asking for it… This is the dlc we’ve been waiting for… X_X ~sarcasm~

At the rate they’re going… I wonder if we’ll ever get all the locked content before they drop the ball on this game… Will we ever see all the gems, custom colors and alternate outfits available?

P.S. I hope the VITA version sales plummet so capcom learns to focus on the main product more then the handheld hybrid or that abomination IOS version…


I got no sound on my system now. This is the tool assist combo editor? Cuz that’s really cool for showing the game.

Still need assist gem banning mode. :slight_smile:


Spent a couple minutes checking out the replay analyzer. You’re not missing anything.

Kinda seems like they had a bunch of really stupid ideas in development, wrote up a schedule for releasing all these stupid ideas, and now that their stupid ideas are being shit on they’re just being stubborn about it. If they brought the roster extension DLC release date closer (MUCH closer), lowered the price, and simultaneously released a balance patch for gems, and minor character/engine adjustments, perhaps Mr. Wizard would give this game more than 3 minutes air-time. Makes me sad. =[


While I agree that nobody wanted the quick combo editor DLC, the whole “Capcom you really should give me a bunch of free stuff just because” is quite frankly tiresome and immature.

Capcom don’t owe you shit. You admit to liking the game you paid for so really, what more do you want? You’re asking them to give away something that probably ran to hundreds of thousands of dollars in development costs and for what? Because a bunch of people complained they didn’t get something they weren’t even expecting in the first place?? Please.

I swear I cannot get even begin to comprehend this line of thinking. I love free stuff as much as the next guy but if someone demanded something free off me, the chances of me giving it to them drop to somewhere between slim and none. I really hope Capcom stick to their guns and not give the DLC for free. If they DO, then they’re just re-enforcing child-like behaviour that most people would benefit having drilled out of them before they actually venture off into the real world.


They don’t really need to change the price and I understand they can’t do shit about the characters till the Vita version is finished, and I don’t see them trying to rush it out as soon as possible when the main reason people don’t like the console versions is because of them rushing it. So we’ll have to wait on that one, I also get that they’re still gonna want to charge for the characters/costumes, but what I don’t get is why they can’t release all the stuff that they aren’t going to charge for money much sooner. I wish I could have somebody from Capcom explain to me exactly what’s keeping them from releasing all of the fucking COLORS now.

And while they’re at it, they can explain why they can’t release the rest of the costumes a lot sooner, there’s no contractual obligation with Sony about that one, so why not? It can only help boost morale.


Yes it’s a bit odd but really, who fucking cares??

If you feel a game is going to take on some magical new qualities because you can dress your character up in a super new outfit or colour his pants lilac then well, I think you should find a new game. Or hobby.


Oh, we WILL see this DLC. Why shouldn´t they sell it? It´s already done, so no additional costs for them to release it. Hmm, I´m not sure if the word “them” still applies to the SFxT dev team. I think him/her is probably more accurate because I´m sure there are no more developers than one left working on this game at all.


The only time i activate quick combos is when i hit the buttons by mistake.


You’re not stupid, or ill-minded or anything, are you? Look at this fool hugging Capcom’s nuts. People are complaining for a reason, and that reason is from Capcom being retarded and using dirty business ethics. You seriously want them to get away with this shit? What are you, stupid? I don’t care whether I get stuff that is free or not, but technically speaking, we deserve something because it was us who was screwed over, not them. After all the stupid things that they screwed us over with, you are now defending them and accusing us of immaturity? You’re the immature one who cannot logically see things from beyond the surface.


I’ve always loved customization in games, this one sort of makes the different color presets in SF4 seem to limited. I guess I just really like that there’s a more personal touch that I really like in multiplayer games.