[July 12-14] EVO Party: 3rd Strike (EVO series celebration for Europeans)



Astrolab presents EVO Party: 3rd Strike

What is it?

A 3 day event celebrating the biggest fighting game tournament in the world EVO Championship series. We have tournament events, fun competitions, a bar, arcade machines, and EVO broadcasted on a big projector screen.

This is the 3rd annual EVO-party and it’s shaping up to be bigger than ever!


The event starts friday morning 12 july, and ends monday morning on the 15th, when we watch the grand finals of EVO.


The event will be held at the new Astrolab venue, in Tallinn, Estonia.

The venue is located in old-town. Check out pictures from our last event here - https://www.facebook.com/Astrolaboratory
Address: Väike-Karja tänav 1/9A

How much does it cost?

One-day ticket is 7 euros. A 3 day pass is 15 euros if you pre-register. 20 euros if you register on the spot.

How do i register?

Just put yourself as “attending” on our Facebook event here - https://www.facebook.com/events/629434347067393

Alternatively send us an e-mail - astrolab@astrolab.ee or nomer13@gmail.com

What am I getting for my money?

Apart from permission to be at the venue you are getting this:

  1. Participation in all tournaments and events

  2. One Free drink from our bar

  3. An Evo-Party bracelet

  4. One laminated Salt-Card. (shout-outs to Roihuvuori Arcade). A one-time use of this card grants you an opportunity to extend any match you lost to one more match. For example a first-to-three wins becomes a first-four match (does not include arcade machines)

  5. One free Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo arcade machine token

  6. If you make it to finals of any tournament - you will get direct-footage of your matches in HD. Additionally recording of any of your matches will be allowed if the equipment is available. Bring a flash-drive!


What games are available?

All currently known fighting games will be available in one form or another. Not every game gets it’s own station, but the most popular ones have dedicated stations and special tournaments. There will be a “challenge-board’ available, where all willing participants can sign up for a tournament in any game. If the game gets at least 8 players - a tournament bracket will be organized.

Which games have official tournaments then?

As of now the following games are getting special Evo-party tournaments. (These games are also getting dedicated stations). More info on the tournaments is available here(link coming soon)

Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition 2012

Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

Guilty Gear Accent Core Plus

King of Fighters XIII

Super Street Fighter II Turbo

Continuing the tradition of previous Evo-parties we have the following special tournaments


Puzzle Fighter

Surprise DDR event

Other games are under consideration. If you would like a game to be featured, please let us know.

What’s an unofficial tournament?

It’s a community tournament. If 8 or more people want to play a tournament in any fighting game, it will be organized by us. Rules and prize-pool are decided by the participants. A separate game-station (or 2) will be dedicated to that event.

Anything else to compete in?

There will be a challenge wall, where you can post your challenge to anyone at the event, to play in a separate set.

What about consoles and stuff? Will there be enough?

There will be 8 current-gen console stations, both xbox360 and ps3, 4 arcade machines, a PC, and some other consoles too!

Will you give me a controller?

Nope, please take your own controller, or ask someone at the event. We will have a couple of spare controllers, but we cannot guarantee that you can have them for the whole event.

There’s a bar?

Yes we have a dedicated in-house bar. Snacks, lunch, dinner, drinks etc. will be available for purchase. (also extra salt cards!)

What about accomodation?

You’re welcome to sleep on our floor as long as there is space. If you are a regular Evo-Party attendee, we will even give you a couch (at least 2 are available at this time). The venue will be closed from when EVO has ended to around lunch-time of the next day. During that time those who have secured their place in the venue - can stay there.

Alternatively there are at least 2 youth-hostels available in the same building. They are pretty cheap, and really awesome. We will post info and arrange pre-booking for you if needed (info coming soon!) Of course there are dozens of hostel available in Old-Town

Places on the floor are limited, so make sure you pre-register

https://www.facebook.com/kohverhostel - Kohver Hostel

http://www.thedancingeesti.ee/ - Hotel Dancing Eesti

I have another question! Why didn’t you answer it?
Please leave your question on our facebook event wall, or e-mail us, and we will add your question to this list.